Peanut Day, Fortune Cookie Day

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September 13, 2014

Peanut Day, Fortune Cookie Day

★~ Today’s Quote: “I wish this glass had peanuts in it.” – inventor of peanut brittle

 ★~ Peanut Day:

Peanut Day, Fortune Cookie Day

Found a peanut, found a peanut, found a peanut just now. Just now I found a peanut, found a peanut just now. One must sing this song on National Peanut Day. All together now… (it’s a yearly tradition, doncha know!)


★~ Fortune Cookie Day:

Peanut Day, Fortune Cookie Day

Some 3 billion fortune cookies are made each year, almost all in the United States. But the crisp cookies wrapped around enigmatic sayings have spread around the world. They are served in Chinese restaurants in Britain, Mexico, Italy, France and elsewhere. In India, they taste more like butter cookies. A surprisingly high number of winning tickets in Brazil’s national lottery in 2004 were traced to lucky numbers from fortune cookies distributed by a Chinese restaurant chain called Chinatown.

But there is one place where fortune cookies are conspicuously absent: China.

Now a researcher in Japan believes she can explain the disconnect, which has long perplexed American tourists in China. Fortune cookies, Yasuko Nakamachi says, are almost certainly originally from Japan. Click to read more….

★~ Today in History:

Mary Kay Ash, Peanut Day, Fortune Cookie Day

♥~ 1954 – The cover of LIFE magazine was adorned with Judy Garland’s picture, with the caption, “Judy Garland takes off after an Oscar.” Garland had been nominated for her role in A Star is Born.

♥~ 1963 – Mary Kay, the direct-sales cosmetic company, was founded by nine people gathered around Mary Kay Ash’s kitchen table.

♥~ 1997 – Mariah Carey’s Honey debuted on the Hot 100 at number one — her third single to do so. The others wereFantasy (Sep 30, 1995) and One Sweet Day (Dec 2, 1995). Carey was the first artist to have three singles debut at #1.

★~Famous Birthdays:

Hershey, Peanut day

♥~ 1857 – Milton S. (Snavely) Hershey candy tycoon:; died Oct 13, 1945

♥~ 1916 – Roald Dahl writer: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; screen play: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; died Nov 23, 1990

♥~ 1944 – Jacqueline Bisset actress: Rich and Famous, The Deep, Airport, Bullitt, Wild Orchid, Murder on the Orient Express, Choices

♥~ 1952 – Randy Jones singer: group: The Village People: Y.M.C.A.

★~ Weekly Gallimaufry:

peanut day

(In case of accident bring Cheese and Crackers. Lots of Cheese and Crackers)

– CBS sportscaster James Brown delivers powerful commentary on Ray Rice

Here’s how you make a Classic French Apple Tart. (I might try this, I have afterall become a master of fried donuts*. )

Why The U.S. Chills Its Eggs And Most Of The World Doesn’t

Handguns decorated by Tiffany. Wow. 

– So cool: A Glass Pot.

– 101 years after the first box of Crayola rolled off the factory line, Wired looks at how the iconic crayons are made.

– The greatest trick capitalism ever pulled was making you want a pumpkin spice latte (hard to type this without think about Oma over at Blurt)

Music Happens between the notes. Interview with Yo-Yo-Ma. Transcript of Interview

-The definition of CHUTZPAH: When it is discovered that you are the person most responsible for distributing the nude celebrity pictures (not responsible for the hack) you whine that your privacy is being invade.

– Tripp and Tyler Share a Clever Collection of Life Hacks to Make Life Easier


– Why Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong – So good to finally know the truth. (warning profanity)


This is a large-scale demonstration of the interaction between period and pendulum length, using 16 bowling balls hung from a wooden frame.



Update: More than 17 million videos related to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge were uploaded to Facebook between June 1 and Sept. 1, and they were viewed more than 10 billion times by more than 440 million users. I’d call that success when you pair it with $112 million dollars raised. FYI several organizations that are working towards making sure everyone has access to the clean drinking water fund raising dollars also went up —Charity – water overachieved their August goal.



This weeks cool fall weather  prompted me to make donuts*. I’m not sure why since I’ve never made donuts, in my whole life.  My donut making has gone from gone from good, to better and I won’t let it rest until my donuts are the best, maybe not world wide, but among friends. Good friends. One of the issues is that my deep fryer blows electrical fuses if I operate any other appliance, or have the nerve to open the fridge door. This creates the challenge of having to deep fry at temps that range from lukewarm to scalding hot. However, this is just a small challenge that a  want-a-be master donut maker has to conquer. I shall overcome. A larger challenge was when I realized too late that someone had mixed the flour and the sugar in the same canister. It worked out ok, I’m filing those donuts under best effort.

Wishing everyone a super Saturday. I’m off to start a fire in our fire-pit, let out my campers –we have a fun group right now, and admire my tree. What are your plans?

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12 thoughts on “Peanut Day, Fortune Cookie Day

  1. Morno,
    Lots of good stuff I’ll look at over the weekend. I once opened a fortune cookie that said NO. Just No. At least no doubt was left.
    Peanuts. I always have a bag around. Not a bad snack.
    My warning label – Don’t touch golf clubs.
    Have a good one. I’m off to take advantage of this beautiful weather.

    • Just No? Well at least you weren’t left to wonder.
      Warning label sounds clear too.
      Enjoy the day, it’s pretty here too!

  2. As always love the links and those donuts look delish. Care to share the recipe or is it a secret?
    Found a peanut–we sang more than a few rounds while on the road this summer. Good snack, tho.
    My warning: Don’t push your luck too far.
    Pretty day and easy weekend. I’m loving it.

    • Sure I’ll share the recipe. Just let me dig it out.
      Peanuts are a good snack especially when you can throw the shells on the floor!
      Your label is my label. I have a pretty long wick but it doesn’t last forever.

  3. Last time I went to Starbucks the name on my cup was Kip. Now I know why. And yes I did post a picture of the cup on my Facebook page.
    My whole family loved the bowling bowl pendulum. Thanks for the ALS update. It’s truly amazing what we can accomplish when we work together. Hard to keep that energy going tho.
    Not a fan of peanuts but I like cashews and it is hard to resist a fortune cookie.
    We had family stuff all day but tomorrow we are hanging out, grilling and relaxing.

    • Kip has a nice ring to it!
      I marveled at the AlS update. It is wonderful what we can accomplish.
      Cashews are yummy and an easy nut to eat.

  4. I like peanuts. They’re addicting!
    My warning label would say: I need my space.
    Fire Pit… fun!
    Fortune cookies are gross tasting, but the messages are interesting at times.
    I don’t go to Starbucks so they can call me what they want……..

    • Our fire pit is fun and I love the smell of Pinon burning. If I open a few windows the scent carries inside.
      Warning label is to the point.
      Ok. I like fortune cookies but I’ll agree when it comes to a cookie they are a nothing-mucher.
      Starbucks would have a tough time with Irene.

  5. I discovered Starbucks ice tea over the weekend. It’s really good and since I have a gift card, why not.
    My warning label would be, Don’t mess with my dog!!!

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