Mammogram Day, Gaudy Day, Mulligan Day, Pasta Day

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October 17, 2014

Mammogram Day, Gaudy Day, Mulligan Day, Pasta Day


★~ Today’s Quote:

★~ National Mammogram Day:

Mammogram Day, Gaudy Day, Mulligan Day, Pasta Day

There probably aren’t many people who haven’t had a close friend or loved one diagnosed with breast cancer. In fact, about 12 percent of American women will develop invasive breast cancer at some time during their lives. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The American Cancer Society recommends the following regarding early detection of breast cancer:

* Beginning at age 40, healthy women should have a mammogram and a clinical breast exam every year.

* Women in their 20s and 30s should have a clinical breast exam every three years.

* All women, beginning in their 20s should perform regular self-examinations of their breasts. 20% of breast cancer does NOT show up on a mammogram which is why self exams and clinical exams are so important.

★~ Wear Something Gaudy Day:

Mammogram Day, Gaudy Day, Mulligan Day, Pasta Day

The word “gaudy” refers to something bright, gay, cheap, showy, outlandish, or otherwise not in good taste.  Wear Something Gaudy Day goes back to the 1970’s sitcom  “Three’s Company” when Larry Dallas (played by Richard Kline) declared a Wear Something Gaudy Day.

Can you even imagine? I have a bridesmaid dress story – it was horrifically ugly dress and the wedding was even worst. BUT my dress wasn’t this bad. Not even close.

★~ Mulligan Day:

Mammogram Day, Gaudy Day, Mulligan Day, Pasta Day

Do you ever have days where you wish you could just go back to bed and start the day over again? Well if today is one of those days, you’re in luck — it’s  “Mulligan Day”  The word “mulligan” is a golf term which allows a player to re-hit a bad shot under certain circumstances during a game of golf. Click  Mulligan to learn the origin of the Mulligan shot. Another way to celebrate Mulligan day is to make Mulligan Stew and have two bowls!

★~ National Pasta Day:

pasta dish

Lnguine, fettuccine, spaghetti, tortellini, ziti—the list of pastas is endless! Pasta is typically thought of as an Italian dish, but there is evidence that people living in Asia in 2000 BC made noodles with millet!

Pasta can be made dry (pasta secca) or fresh (pasta fresca). There are over 350 varieties of dried pasta in Italy. The highest quality of dried pasta is made with pure durum semolina flour and water. Did you know that a typical Italian person eats over sixty pounds of pasta per year? In comparison, Americans only eat around twenty pounds of pasta per person per year!

Spaghetti Alla Carbonara

Giada De Laurentiis shares easy 3-ingredient pasta toppers

★~ Today in History:


♥~ One of the world’s most famous golf tournaments, the British Open, was played for the first time, at a course in Scotland.  Contestants had to shoot 36 holes of golf in a single day.

♥~ 1845  According to a Boston newspaper, the entire audience walked out of a reading that included The Raven. The audience walked out, not because of the material, but because of their objection to Edgar Allan Poe, the reader and author of the macabre poem.

♥~ 1943 – Chicago’s first subway was formally opened. Work on the subway had begun on December 17, 1938. Mining through the soft, watery clay underlying the city was a difficult engineering task but subway construction was accomplished without a single cave-in.

♥~ 1989 – Loma Prieta earthquake It struck the San Francisco Bay at 5:04 p.m., during the televised warm-up to Game Three of the World Series between the Oakland A’s and the San Francisco Giants; as a result, it was the first earthquake in the United States whose opening shocks were broadcast on live television.

★~Famous Birthdays:


♥~ 1918 – Rita Hayworth (Margarita Carmen Cansino) actress: Miss Sadie Thompson, Pal Joey, Separate Tables, They Came to Cordura, You’ll Never Get Rich; died May 14, 1987

♥~ 1948 – George Wendt actor: Cheers, Man of the House, Never Say Die, Fletch, No Small Affair

♥~ 1948 – James Oliver Rigney Jr. author, wrote best-selling fantasy novels under the pen name Robert Jordan. He served in Vietnam, majored in physics in college, worked as a nuclear engineer, and loved to go to Episcopal mass services. He’s most famous for his best-selling Wheel of Time fantasy series, comprised of about a dozen titles, including The Eye of the World (1990), The Dragon Reborn (1991), Lord of Chaos (1994), and Crossroad of Twilight (2003).

♥~ 1972 –  Eminem, American rapper, born Marshall Bruce Mathers III in St. Joseph, Missouri. His first, second, and third albums each won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album — the first artist to ever earn that distinction. He’s one of the best-selling musicians in the world, having sold more than 80 million albums

★~Amusing Gallimaufry:

Mammogram Day, Gaudy Day, Mulligan Day, Pasta Day

♥~ Facebook and Apple are offering a new perk to their female employees: free egg freezing. You know, just a gentle reminder that work is the only important thing in your life in case anyone thought about trying to have a family at the same time. Click to read more 

♥~ Since I love family in Florida, I feel compelled to report on Fangate, a story wherein their current Governor refused to debate their former Governor because the former Governor tried to use a small electric fan to cool himself during the debate. The video accompanying this story is priceless. Video and Story 

♥~ [youtube][/youtube]


Drama started my morning.  It wasn’t even 8am, when a pick pocket tried to lift my wallet at the grocery store. It’s been a loooong time since I have foiled a Chicago pick pocket, but like riding a bike some skill stick. Especially when the the DVM (hours waiting to replace drivers license) flashes before your eyes. I confronted he ran. It was too early to attract a store employee quickly enough to stop him, but at least he didn’t take off with my wallet.

Next, I tried to toast my English muffin, but my 17 year old toaster oven keeps blowing a circuitbreaker fuse. My Facebook experts agreed that nothing lasts forever and it was time to replace the toaster oven. BUT one Facebook friend suggested I plug in a blowdryer to the outlet, turn it on high, and check to see if it blew a fuse too.   I asked Cole to try it (I’m no dummy) and the blowdryer blew a fuse, too.  This means the fuse may need to be replaced. Replacing a fuse is easy peasey.  I knew, my toaster oven wouldn’t turn on me. However, the sad fact is it may be time to think about replacing it. Sob. I’m drowning my sorrows in Jiffy whipped pumpkin spice peanut butter on an English muffin (toasted in the oven) and it’s very tasty. Kind like fall stuck to the roof of my mouth.

Have a Fab Friday! Do you have any fun weekend plans?

Odd Loves Company,

8 thoughts on “Mammogram Day, Gaudy Day, Mulligan Day, Pasta Day

  1. Oh my golly, those poor bride’s attendants. They look like they’re wearing curtains — UGLY curtains! I guess it’s hard enduring such embarrassment, even for the sake of family and BFFs. I wonder how many seriously tried to talk the bride out of those get-ups??

    I’m a big fan of pasta. Not so much for having mammos, but I suppose they’re a necessary “evil.” Wish they’d find a better way of screening — feels like somebody is running a car across one’s chest!!

    It’s finally sunny here, so I’m getting out and about, catching up on things I refused to do while it was raining. Happy Friday!

    • I’m just not that good a friend. I wouldn’t have worn one of those dresses. Even if the brides dying grandmother had made them from her heirloom curtains. Ok maybe then, but only then.
      Mammos a necessary evil but never fun. However, one of the places that offers them in Chicago is located inside Nordstroms – which helps.
      Sunny here, sort of, at least it’s trying. I can’t wait for our new wood chips to arrive (next week) so we can dry up some of the mud.

  2. We are having pasta for dinner. Friends are coming over for a spaghetti dinner. We are all contributing and I’m making the spaghetti.
    Bridesmaid dresses are worst than gaudy they are hideous. What was the bride thinking? They do look like ugly curtains. UG. I’ve had some unattractive bridesmaid dresses but nothing that awful.
    Girafe poster made me spit out my coffee. Hard to accept that I am so thoughtless. Bullydog is awesome.
    So glad you foiled your pick pocket. Losing a wallet is the worst.

    • Spaghetti dinner sounds like a lot of fun.
      So true about those dresses. Who could possible think that was attractive.
      Giraffes everywhere would like people to be a little more sensitive!

  3. Late Morno,
    I had internet issues at home this morno and a non stop morno at the office followed by a bosses day lunch which was very nice and took over the afternoon.
    Glad you foiled the pick pocket. A good one can lift a wallet quicker than you can say Oliver Twist (my brother-in-law saying – he’s in law enforcement)
    I like Pasta and do-overs as needed. I’ve never called a Mulligan in golf. I’m pretty sure my golf buddies would look at me like I was nuts.
    Bulldog is cool.
    Hope you had a good one. I am laying low this weekend.

    • Sorry about your internet woes. Blame it on Mercury. True about Pick Pockets and I’ve been nailed more times than I like to admit – and I’m very cautious.
      I wasn’t sure how a Mulligan would fly these day but you should at least try!

  4. Love spaghettis! I am keen on rigatoni.
    Sweets is one cool dog!
    Good for you for holding your own against the would be thief. Have never lost a wallet, etc. & hope never to.
    It seems as though I have been playing catch up for too long now in just about all aspects of life. Irritating to say the least.
    My jeep is staying strong & am happy for it. It’s getting old so I went to a few dealerships with tape measure in hand to measure the cargo areas for future reference.
    Having dinner at a friend’s house in a few hours. Nik, of course, will tag along.
    Good day!

    • Irene!
      Sweets is so cool. Now of-course I want a motorcycle and to teach Rascal to wave. She might need a side car, tho.
      I hope you never lose a wallet either. Caution and luck must be on your side.
      It is annoying to dance the one step forward, two steps back Cha. Cha. Cha.
      A little car research is a good thing. Like many dog people, I own a Honda.
      Enjoy your dinner. I am sure Nik will be a lovely guest.

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