Parking – My Teen Brat

Parking - Teen Brat

Parking …

It’s a well-known fact in my family that I’m a ninja parallel parker. I can park any car, in the middle of rush hour traffic, into a parking spot designed for a much smaller car, with room to spare. I’m magical that way.

Living in the city and owning a car means learning to avail yourself of any street parking spot the universe provides you with. Parallel parking is one of the most important keys to being able to take advantage of those parking spots.

Sixteen years ago this month, we moved in our house, and I experienced my last late-night parking angst, an angst that often brought me to the point of being willing to hand my keys and car to any taker. The problem was finding the taker.

Hands down one of the best things about our house is always coming home to a parking spot, one I didn’t have to hunt hours for, stalk for, or turn into a raving lunatic to protect. I continue to be grateful for this privilege of pulling into our garage without a parking care in the world—except for one pesky mother-son issue.

Much to my teen’s discontent, I pull into the garage as opposed to backing in. I hate backing the car into the garage because I worry about hitting his car, which is parked on the other side of the garage. And there is that awful twisting-head motion you have to make when you back up; it’s unattractive and uncomfortable.

The child I taught to drive, back up, and parallel park feels that pulling the car into the garage makes it harder to pull out of the garage. I disagree. Plus, twisting only once is an added advantage. He claims that the risk of hitting someone or another car is higher when you back out. Possibly, but unlike him, I know how to inch out and go slow.

Backing in, as opposed to pulling in, is more of an issue now that he is using my van to pick up day campers on a daily basis. When we are together, he backs the car in the garage; when I drive alone, I pull my car into my garage with the added pleasure of knowing that I am torturing my kid. As my sweet mom always says, why have kids if you don’t torture them. Works for me.

Today, my teen took my van to pick up some pups, and when he returned home, I grabbed my keys to run an errand. I opened the garage door and….

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iPhoto 2 iPhoto

I hate kids sometimes. Of course, my teen followed me to the garage, doubled over with laughter. He explained, between gulps of laughter, that since his car was in the shop, he wanted to offer me another parking option. Perhaps, I’d be more comfortable parallel parking the car in the garage?

I’ll get even. Count on it. But didn’t I do a good job teaching him to parallel park?

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22 thoughts on “Parking – My Teen Brat

  1. Sue ^ is right too funny. Parking in Chicago sounds like a nightmare but you’ll need your Ninja skills to pull out of that garage. Good Luck to you both.

    • Luck was appreciated. Parking is a nightmare. On the other hand it taught me some valuable skills like how to pull a van out of the garage that is parallel parked.

  2. This cracks me up. You boy is full of surprises. Awesome parallel parking job. I can only parallel park if the spot is big enough to pull into.
    I’d make him pull it out.

    • I pulled it and he directed. I refused to concede to the challenge. I would have run him over but the parallel parking job was so impressive I decided he could live for awhile longer. Plus he amuses me.

  3. A picture is indeed better than 1,000 words. Kb, I hate to say it, but your acorn (Cole) didn’t fall far from the tree — awesome prank! Yes, I think you’ll be staying up nights trying to figure out a way to get back at him, and who’d blame you?! Bet it took a while to leave on your errands, huh?!

  4. Is it just my IPad or did he park it on the ceiling too? That is how I’m seeing it anyway. And with kids, there will ALWAYS be “getting even” time for us!

    • I’m not sure what the problem is but I hope I fixed it. They were right side up on my computer but not my phone. ALWAYS is right!

    • I’m not sure how he did it either but it was easier to pull out than I thought it would be. I am going for a 3 pointer.

  5. I admire drivers who can parallel park with ease. I assume you maneuvered out of the garage with ease. Kids….
    Internet issues.
    Good day!

    • I was perfectly relaxed. Cole pulled the car out of the garage.
      Internet issues–still? So frustrating! For both of us.

  6. Oh my—-I am so glad I did not miss this one. What a character he is and of course he was lurking around waiting for you to see your reaction. Did you get it out of the garage or did you make him get it out?

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