Brownie Day, Marsala 2015 Color Pick

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December 8, 2014

Brownie Day, Marsala 2015 Color Pick

★~Today’s Quote: I intend to live forever. So far, so good. ~ Steven Wright 

★~ Brownie Day:

Brownie, Marsala 2015 Color Pick

Brownies originated in New England during the early twentieth century. One story says that a Boston chef mistakenly added melted chocolate to a batch of biscuits, thus creating the first brownies. Another version claims that a housewife in Bangor, Maine was making a chocolate cake but forgot to add baking powder. The cake did not rise properly and, instead of throwing it out, she served it in flat pieces.

Click to find out why Ghirardelli brownie mix is the best and for some brownie baking tips.

I’m pretty sure Ghirardelli will stay at the top of my best all around brownie mixes but yesterday when I saw Betty Crocker Hot Chocolate Brownie Mix at the grocery store, I couldn’t resist buying a box. I’ll let you know….

★~ Today in History:


♥~ 1956 – The Olympic games, which opened Nov 22, closed in Melbourne, Australia. ‘The Friendly Games’, as this Olympics came to be known, was Australia’s first attempt at hosting the Olympics and left “an enduring legacy not only for Melbourne and Australia but for the Olympic movement itself.”

♥~ 1963 – Frank Sinatra Jr was kidnapped at gunpoint from a hotel in Lake Tahoe. He was released two days later after his father paid out the $240,000 ransom demanded by the kidnappers, who were later captured, and sentenced to long prison terms. In order to communicate with the kidnappers via a pay phone the senior Sinatra carried a roll of dimes with him throughout this ordeal, which became a lifetime habit, he is said to have been buried with a roll of dimes.

♥~ 1980 – John Lennon’s death . On the last day of his life…John Lennon posed nude for Rolling Stone magazine.  The photo of Lennon curled up and kissing his clothed wife, Yoko Ono, was used for the magazine cover after Lennon was shot and killed on December 8th in New York by an obsessed fan.  That same day, Lennon’s new single “(Just Like) Starting Over” was the number 3 song in the U.S.  It rose to number 1 by the end of December.

♥~ 1990 – Workers at the Hypermarket in Norwood, South Africa, baked histories largest pizza, 122 feet 8 inches in diameter.

★~ Born Today:

♥~ 1902 – Oswald Jacoby bridge player, author, journalist: syndicated bridge columnist [1949-1984], considered the best card player in the world in 1950; died June 27, 1984

♥~ 1925 – Sammy Davis Jr, singer, actor. Sammy’s career included movies, Broadway, and hit songs like “The Candy Man,” but he’s also famous as a member of the Hollywood “Rat Pack” along with Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra.

♥~ 1942 – Bobby Elliott musician: drums: group: The Hollies over 25 top 40 hits since 1963, 1972 US No.2 single ‘Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress’, 1988 UK No.1 single ‘He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother’, first released in 1969.

♥~ 1943 – Jim Morrison, Songwriter, poet, lead singer of The Doors, Jim Morrison is considered to be one of the fathers of contemporary rock.

♥~ 1947 – Gregg Allman musician keyboards, guitar, vocals, Allman Brothers Band, (1973 US No.12 single ‘Ramblin Man’).

♥~ 1953 – Kim Basinger actress: Ready to Wear, Wayne’s World 2, The Real McCoy, The Getaway, Final Analysis, Cool World, The Marrying Man, Batman, My Stepmother is an Alien, Blind Date, 9 1/2 Weeks, The Natural, Hard Country; former town owner: Braselton, GA; married to actor Alec Baldwin

♥~ 1966 – Sinéad O’Connor singer: Nothing Compares to You, My Lagan Love, No Man’s Woman, Emma’s Song, This Is a Rebel Song, Molly Malone, Thank You for Hearing Me

★~Color Gallimaufry:

Brownie Day, Marsala 2015 Color Pick

Let’s hear it for Marsala, the wine-influenced, red-kissed color of 2015, as chosen by Pantone.

“Much like the fortified wine that gives Marsala its name, this tasteful hue embodies the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal while its grounding red-brown roots emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness,” Pantone announced this week.

Yes, marsala, like the red Sicilian wine you might have splashed on an especially sophisticated chicken breast.

New Jersey-based Pantone, a subsidiary of X-rite, picks a new color every year based on the opinions of fashionistas as well as insiders from music, travel, movies and technology. Radiant orchid won the honor in 2014, while emerald was the top choice in 2013.

This year’s shade appeals to men and women, and is flattering on many skin tones, “a great go-to color for beauty,” Pantone said.

Within a few weeks of the announcement, the color typically begins to pop up on products from evening gowns to coffee makers.


Christmas tree success. This year we found our Christmas tree faster than we found a parking space. It’s a handsome tree! About 6 feet tall with needles that don’t shed. I decorated while my teen built a new front cabinet for under the sink. The tree is finished and so pretty. The cabinet should be finished today. It’s lookin’ good. I don’t have pictures of either yet, but soon will. We also have a new jig saw because, as well all know, no man ever has the tools he needs to start any project.

I do have a short video of the start of kitchen demolition….

What do you think of the color of the year?

Odd Loves Company,

9 thoughts on “Brownie Day, Marsala 2015 Color Pick

  1. Morno,
    What kind of jig saw? Yep, men need a new tool for every job and women need new shoes for every occasion.
    Brownies are good anytime. Might take some to the office today. Our bakery makes good ones. I like the kind that aren’t frosted.
    Color looks good to me. But I don’t see myself wearing it any time soon.
    Have a good one.

    • It’s a Milwaukee jig saw if that is what you mean. Shoes are not a fair comparison to tools.
      Maybe you could buy some Marala colored golf club covers. Think of how “in” you would feel!

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  3. Brownies, yum. I like mine dusted with powdered sugar. Now I feel a need to bake some, but there’s too much to do for that.

    Congrats on the tree — and the renovation project. Yes, any excuse for a new tool!

    Love the color for this year. It looks like it might be in the Plum color family, and I suspect it will be well received. I imagine it would look good in blush; oh, and it’s just neutral enough to complement rather than take center stage.

    • Yes, to powdered sugar. Perhaps you’ll have time and the desire to whip up a batch over the holidays.
      Marsala would make a very pretty blush. A subtle color unless you layer it on.

  4. Love the color. I bet it would be a pretty nail polish color.
    You are going to like those Hot Chocolate Brownies. I made some this weekend. So tasty.
    Glad you found your tree. So true about men and their tools. And Mike ^ shoes are completely different.

  5. Meh to Marsala.
    Ghiradelli brownies take the cake! Hands down favorite at our house. I can’t eat them anymore

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