Home Sweet Home Day

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December 3rd, 2014

Home Sweet Home Day


★~ Today’s Quote:  Home Sweet Home. 

★~ Home Sweet Home Day: 

Home Sweet Home Day

Buying a house is often the single largest investment a person will make in his or her lifetime. Homeownership rate in the United States is around 64% of the population. Studies have shown that homeowners are more active in their communities, have improved education opportunities, and report higher levels of self-esteem and happiness.

Regardless of whether you rent or own, today is an opportunity to take a moment to appreciate the roof over your head!

★~ This Day In History:

illinois-state, Home Sweet Home Day

♥~ 1818 – The state of Illinois was admitted to the Union and became the 21st United State. Today Illinois is the “most average state” in America according to the Associated Press, which analyzed data from the U.S. census, looking at things like income and age and race, as well as education, immigration, rural population percentages and more than a dozen other factors. The Associated Press concluded that Illinois mirrored the makeup of the country as a whole better than any other state. Second was Oregon, and then Michigan, and Washington, and Delaware. The “least average state” in the Union: West Virginia. Illinois’ official slogan is the “Land of Lincoln.” Springfield is the capital of Illinois. The Illinois state flower is a violet, and the state bird is the brightly colored cardinal.

♥~ 1967 – The world’s first successful heart transplant was performed. Dr. Christiaan Barnard performed the operation at Cape Town, South Africa.

♥~ 1977 – After 29 weeks in the #1 position on the album charts,Rumours, by Fleetwood Mac, was replaced at the top spot by the album Simple Dreams, sung by Linda Ronstadt.

♥~ 1978 – Mommie Dearest hit the best-seller list. The ‘poison-penned’ book, by Christina Crawford, the adopted daughter of movie-star Joan Crawford, stayed on the list for 42 weeks.

♥~ 1998 – A London woman  abducted by a phony cab driver sprayed an aerosol at his face when he lit a cigarette and set his hair on fire. While the kidnapper dealt with his bad hair day, the victim escaped.

♥~ 1999 – After rowing 2,962 miles in 81 days, Tori Murden of the United States eased her 23-foot boat, American Pearl, to the dock at Fort-du-Bas on the French Carribean island of Guadeloupe. She had just rowed across the Atlantic Ocean. Astonishingly, Murden appeared relaxed, even radiant, as she stood up to toss out a rope. “Next time, the Concorde,” she quipped, as she bounded out of the boat.

★~ Born Today:

Andy Williams, Home Sweet Home Day

♥~ 1927 – Andy Williams Emmy Award-winning entertainer: The Andy Williams Show [1962-63]; singer: Can’t Get Used to Losing You, [Where Do I Begin] Love Story,Days of Wine and Roses, Canadian Sunset, Moon River, Born Free, Butterfly, I Like Your Kind of Love [w/Peggy Powers], Are You Sincere,Lonely Street, In the Village of St. Bernadette

♥~ 1948 – Ozzy (John) Osbourne songwriter, singer: groups: Rare Breed, Black Sabbath: Paranoid; solo: Blizzard of Oz; dead bat-head biter

♥~ 1960 – Daryl Hannah actress: The Fury, Splash, Steel Magnolias, Blade Runner, The Pope of Greenwich Village, Roxanne, Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman, Grumpier Old Men, Diplomatic Siege, Dancing at the Blue Iguana

♥~ 1960 – Julianne Moore actress: As the World Turns, The Fugitive, Jurassic Park, The Forgotten, Laws of Attraction, The Hours, Far from Heaven, The Shipping News,Evolution, Hannibal

★~ Home Gallimaufry:

Home Sweet Home Day

♥~ In Scotland, homeowners paint their front door red when they pay off their mortgage.

♥~ The original housewarming party was — literally — a housewarming. Guests brought firewood as gifts and lit fires in all the fireplaces in the home. Obviously this warmed up the place for the family, but it was also believed to ward off evil spirits. Uninhabited homes were thought to attract roaming ghosts, so a new home would have to be rid of that bad energy before it could become a happy abode.

♥~ Swedes and Danes use dead bodies to heat their homes – It’s an idea that makes a lot of sense when you think it through. Crematoriums heat up to 2,000 degrees, which is a lot of energy that was going to waste — until someone got the bright idea to pump that heat into local energy companies, where it’s used to warm homes.


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