Slippers, Santa Paws, Jiggling Keys

Santa Paws, Slippers

A dear friend brought me these ruby red slippers back from her trip to Tokyo. They are fuzzy, soft, warm, and wonderful! And isn’t the color great – Christmas slippers! They make me so happy, I had to share them with you! Thank you for admiring them.

My teen left last Friday for Merritt Island, Florida, to visit Cousin Carla and her family. From ziplining to Harry Potter World to Sunday dinner, the teen is having a marvelous vacation. It’s the world’s worst time for him to be gone, but the timing coincided with his college-age cousin’s holiday break. So I agreed to run camp and day camp while he was gone. In exchange, he agreed to be Santa for our campers.

This week, my day starts at 4:45 a.m. and ends when I fall into bed at around 9 p.m. I spend the early morning and late afternoon picking up and dropping off day campers, and sandwiched in between is playtime. It’s warm enough to play outside, and muddy enough to keep us inside. Fortunately, my campers are easily amused with deer antlers, games of fetch down the hall … and yes, the occasional Lassie movie. They try to play snatch the slippers. Ha. I am sleeping with my new Christmas slippers under my pillow. 

Below are a few of our Santa Paws pictures. I’ll post the solstice pictures sometime between now and the spring. If you don’t see me for a couple of days, just assume I am standing out in the rain, jiggling a key at one of my day campers’ houses … and then after about the first 10 minutes of not being able to open the door, I begin to hope that a bus drives by that I can throw myself in front of. (I sent Cole a text to see if there was a secret to opening the door. His response? “Just keep trying.”) The owner’s suggestion is to gently maneuver the key slightly out of the lock and then jiggle it slowly to the right while pulling the doorknob enough so it engages the lock—and I do this all while holding onto the leash of a pup anxious for dinner. To make sure your lock is always safe – visit Did I mention it is dark when this is going on?I digress—enjoy the slide show!


Do you have a favorite pair of slippers?

Odd Loves Company,

12 thoughts on “Slippers, Santa Paws, Jiggling Keys

  1. In Tokyo we call them house shoes or what would translate to house shoes. Every house has several pairs for guests and many of the hotels put them in the rooms. Most guests walk off with them 😀 which is what is intended.
    The Santa slide show is very festive. Happy Holidays.

    • House shoes. I like that! I would walk away with multiple pairs, I’m afraid. They are so comfy
      Thanks for stopping by Odd!

  2. And here I thought my schedule was hectic! No, I no longer wish to trade, thank you very much. Fighting stubborn locks in the dark with a hungry doggin at your side doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, but my money’s on you, Kb!!

    Cole is going to LOVE Harry Potter World. Domer and his band buddies went while they were in college, and they had a blast! Hope the weather cooperates — and even if it doesn’t, at least they won’t fight snow, ha!

    Love the festivities at your house — would Cole consider playing Santa for my Sheltie (fur and all??!)

    • Thank you! I did conquer that lock and when I did I hooped and hollered right along side my camper.
      Cole did love Harry Potter world. The weather was perfect–cold for FLoridians but not their Chicago cous.
      Yep, Cole would be happy to put on his Santa suit for the Sheltie. It would make a very cute picture. We had lots of fur flying. 😀

  3. That’s Santa! I know him!! What a happy trip for Cole and warn fuzzy skipper for you. Perfect start to a very merry Christmas!

  4. Nice slippers! No new ones for me this year.
    When it rains it pours in many different ways. Hope you & the dogs survive! That lock needs to be replaced especially if other people are needed to work it.
    Good day!

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