10 thoughts on “WInter Olympics 2018 – Watch for Them

  1. Such talent! Without a doubt they are Olympic bound. I like the red cap on Boudreau so maybe his costume could have some red feathers. Just a few, of-course, keep it in good taste.
    Please, keep us posted as their routine is updated!

  2. Definitely red sequins on a collar and hat for the pup and Cole should have red sequined pants with black feathers on his jacket…Would get a standing ovation for sure. I can almost hear the roar of the crowd now.

    • Red sequins would pick up the reflection of the ice. And Cole’s suggested costume sounds like just the right touch of bold without being overdone. Excellent suggestions. . .

  3. I foresee a prefect 10.0 score and gold medals in their future!

    Red costumes are definitely the way to go. Love the music. It’s a perfect choice to complement the routine.

    • Thank you for suggesting music! Red seems to be the majority choice.
      A 10.0 and gold medals is the goal, of-course.

  4. What a good-natured dog! I can’t see Dallas putting up with Domer twirling him on the ice. Or wearing a hat!

    Loved the music — very festive. Yes, I think they could definitely compete. The cuteness factor alone would propel them to the podium!!

    • This pup is very laid back and whatever Cole wants he wants.
      Thank you – I think we would have to play the cuteness factor in spades—not sure if my kid can spin on one leg.

    • A red jacket for Boudreau? With sequins? Mmmm, you don’t think it would be too much? I like the idea of the red scarf for Cole, tho!

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