Dear Dad, George S Scott and Patton

Dear Dad, Cole, George S Scott and Patton


Fig Newton Day was celebrated last week, and my dear dad was the recipient of many Happy Fig Newton Day wishes. Next year, we are hoping for a parade and marching band.

There was only one glitch on the day. I received this e-mail from my dear dad:

“About that photo you had over the story, you could have put in the message that it wasn’t me, right under the picture rather that at the end of the story. Or you could have put in a picture of a Hollywood actor who looked more like me ….”

I was curious about which actor would do him justice.

” … George C. Scott. When the movie Patton came out, a lot of people thought they were looking at him when they saw me. One group of lady birdwatchers were convinced that I was George traveling incognito.”

I saw the movie Patton with my dear dad when I was about 10. I liked it a lot, except for the 20-second scene where Patton shot the donkeys that were blocking the bridge his army was trying to cross. The Germans were advancing on the other side. This scene still haunts me. Of course, Patton didn’t shoot the farmer, and the Germans were advancing but he was still an ass.

Who knows if George C. Scott ate Fig Newtons, but I can imagine that General Patton did. He just doesn’t seem like the Oreo or chocolate chip cookie type. Nope, he would yell, “Darn tootin’! What this war needs is Fig Newtons!” And he would not be happy about the recent name change, from Fig Newtons to Newtons. He’d die on that hill for sure. He’d tell the Nabisco brass that “Americans love Fig Newtons, and will never tolerate just a Newton and so on.”

I’m certain my dear dad will like this picture much better! Don’t you think so?

Dear Dad ,George S Scott and Patton

Odd Loves Company,

5 thoughts on “Dear Dad, George S Scott and Patton

  1. Nabisco should pay you to run their ad campaigns. Brilliant. And for the right price your dad should play Patton. He does have the George C Scott look.
    The movie is one of my classic favorites. Don’t remember those asses tho. Guess it is a guy thing.
    Have a good one.

  2. I never saw Patton (and now that you’ve told me about the donkeys dying, I probably won’t). I mean, I don’t have an affinity toward donkeys, per se, but I can’t stand to see animals bite the dust!

    If your dear dad would like George C. to play him, I think he ought to get his wish! (Did you get snow??!)

  3. I liked the movie too but feel a little heartless that I don’t remember the donkey scene.
    Nabisco should pay you for one heck of lot for a terrific marketing idea. That is what I think.

  4. It’s a little hard to tell from the picture of your dad but I do detect a George S Scott/Patton resemblance. Liz has a great idea regarding Nabisco paying you for the clever idea and your dad should be the spokesperson.
    My husband loves the Patton movie and I have watched it with him more than a few times. I know the scene with the donkeys but I am more inclined to worry about the Germans coming from the other side. The real asses. 😀

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