Better Butter Dish

Better Butter Dish

Me: Cole, look at the wonderful butter dish I found in Albuquerque! Isn’t it pretty?

Cole: What is wrong with our butter dish?

Me: Nothing but it’s very plain.

Cole: The new butter dish is short. We eat a lot of butter.

Me: I can buy the same amount of butter in a fatter shorter stick.

Cole: The new butter dish needs special butter?

Me: Never mind. Just never mind.

I just hate kids sometimes but I LOVE MY NEW BUTTER DISH!

You like my new butter dish, right? (No pressure, I know, two Odd readers that will LOVE my butter dish! We can’t all have the same good taste.)

Odd Loves Company,

9 thoughts on “Better Butter Dish

  1. My luck to click on Odd looking for El Morno and land on a butter dish post. No, it doesn’t make you look fat.
    Have a good one.

  2. Yep, this sounds exactly like something the Domer would say! I don’t know if he’s just leery of new things (change) or if he’s just being cheap!!

    These kids of ours need to know that moms like to surround themselves with PRETTY things — and your new butter dish certainly qualifies as that! Maybe a compromise is in order? Use the white one on a daily basis, and bring out the fancy one for “occasions”?!

    • Cole likes plain, simple, and useful. This butter dish calls for a shorter fatter stick of butter (same amount of butter) and that is automatically suspect.
      Exactly we like PRETTY. I did compromise. He has his butter dish and I have mine 🙂 but the other day I did catch him dipping into my butter dish and had the rare last word. Ha.

  3. Well, one suits a stout kerrygold butter chunk and the other a regular stick! use one for salted, the other unsalted!

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