Soft Ice Cream Day, Bad Poetry Day

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August 18, 2015

Soft Ice Cream Day, Bad Poetry Day
★~ Today’s Quote:  No man is good enough to govern any woman without her consent.Susan B. Anthony

★~ Soft Ice Cream Day:

Bad Poetry Day, Soft Ice Cream Day

Soft Ice cream, also known as “soft serve,” is a swirled delight that is served using a special machine. The machine doubles the amount of air in soft ice cream, which creates its light, smooth texture.

Although the  exact origins of soft serve ice cream are unknown,  J.F. ‘Granpda’ McCullough and his son Alex, founders of Dairy Queen, are responsible for introducing it and making it popular back in 1938.

It’s hot, it’s almost the end of August so with haste,  head over to Dairy Queen (or ice cream shop of choice) and indulge in a soft serve ice cream on a sugar cone, in a waffle cone, or as a part of a banana split. Dip it in chocolate, or cover it with a topping like sprinkles or crushed cookies! Go for it!

★~ Bad Poetry Day:

Bad Poetry Day, Soft Ice Cream Day

Not everyone can be a Frost or a Dickinson or a Whitman or Hawk. Bad poetry day encourages you to give it a go anyway, by putting pen to paper and writing some terrible verse. If you’re feeling particularly cruel, you could read your bad poetry to friends, family and colleagues, and ask them what they think about your poem.

I am a dog,
You are a flower,
I lift up my leg,
And give you a shower
Roses Are Red
Bacon is Red
Poems Are Hard
mmm. Bacon.

★~ Today in History:

votes-for-women, Soft Ice Cream Day, Bad Poetry Day

♥~ 1899 – The Chicago Anti-Cigarette League was formed by Lucy Payne Gaston.

♥~ 1868  The existence of helium was discovered by French astronomer Pierre Jules Cesar Janssen, who was analyzing sunlight during a solar eclipse. It took a few more years for others to actually find the element on Earth. Today Helium is element number 2 on the periodic table.

♥~ 1920 – Women throughout the United States rejoiced, as the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified. It gave women the right to vote. . .The first national constitutional amendment had been proposed in Congress in 1878, and in every Congress session after that. Finally, in 1919, it narrowly passed both houses of Congress and was sent to the states to be ratified. Most Southern states opposed the amendment, and on August 18, 1920, it all came down to Tennessee. The pro-amendment faction wore yellow roses in their lapels, and the “anti” faction wore red American Beauty roses. It was a close battle and the state legislature was tied 48 to 48. The decision came down to one vote: that of 24-year-old Harry Burn, the youngest state legislator. He had been expected to vote against it, but he had in his pocket a note from his mother, which read: “Dear Son: Hurrah, and vote for suffrage! Don’t keep them in doubt. I noticed some of the speeches against. They were bitter. I have been watching to see how you stood, but have not noticed anything yet. Don’t forget to be a good boy and help Mrs. Catt put the ‘rat’ in ratification. Your Mother.” He voted in favor of the amendment. Guess he knew who was fixin’ Thanksgiving dinner.

♥~ 1930 – Pluto the dog debuted in the Walt Disney cartoon “The Chain Gang.”

♥~ 1960 – The first commercially-produced oral contraceptive,Enovid-10, was introduced in Skokie, Illinois.

♥~1973 – Jethro Tull’s album, A Passion Play, landed at #1 in the U.S.

♥~ 1982 – The longest baseball game played at Wrigley Field in Chicago, IL went 22 innings before the Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the Chicago Cubs 2-1. The game had started the previous day and had been postponed, after 17 innings, because of darkness.

♥~ 1975 – The Blue Bell Inn in Lichfield, England, received history’s highest telephone bill. One month’s service, 4-billion, 386-million, 800-thousand dollars. Plus tax. It was a mistake.

♥~ 2003 – 24-year-old Ma Lihua from China tipped over 303,621 dominos, breaking the world record for longest solo domino tippage

★~Born Today:

Virginia dare, Bad Poetry Day, Soft Ice Cream Day

♥~ 1774–  Captain Meriwether Lewis, explorer, traveled for more than two years with William Clark through the Louisiana Purchase territory and along the Pacific Coast.

♥~ 1587 – Virginia Dare – An expedition led by Sir Walter Raleigh landed at what is now Roanoke Island, North Carolina. Seven days later, Virginia Dare became the first child of English parentage to be born in America. Ellinor and Ananias Dare were Baby Virginia’s parents; her grandfather, John White, was the governor of the Roanoke Colony. As far as anyone knows, all was well with the little colony. That is, until four years later when a ship bringing supplies arrived only to find the colony gone. The settlers, including Virginia Dare, had vanished. No trace was ever found of any member of the colony. Legend has it that sometime in the 1600s a white doe was frequently seen in the area where the Dare family once lived. It is said that Virginia Dare returned to the colony as the doe.

♥~ 1936 – Robert Redford actor: All the President’s Men, Quiz Show, The Sting, Sneakers, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Out of Africa; Academy Award-winning director: Ordinary People [1980]; A River Runs Through It, Quiz Show

♥~ 1952 – Patrick Swayze dancer, actor: Dirty Dancing, Ghost, Father Hood, Red Dawn, Point Break, North and South; died Sep 14, 2009

♥~ 1978 – Andy Samberg actorSaturday Night Live, Hot Rod

★~Gallimaufry: Mind expanding

Soft Ice Cream Day, Bad Poetry Day


Amazing that less than 100 years ago women were denied the right to vote. I guess some of those men were right—give them the right to vote and soon they’ll  want control over their own bodies, and the right to equal pay for equal work….Sheesh.

Heat! Humidity! Be Gone!  Enough is Enough! Give me slush. No don’t. But I will take a nice long cool fall starting about now!

It’s Tuesday, we are off to Prairie Wolf with our campers! Here is one of our gopro videos from last week.

[fbvideo link=”” width=”500″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]

Have a cool day!

Odd Loves Company!

7 thoughts on “Soft Ice Cream Day, Bad Poetry Day


    I think I will have some soft ice cream favorite.
    I am in Ruidoso, NM escaping the El Paso heat..I also am really ready for fall.
    Wish I had you energy…taking the dogs to the park looks like a lot of work but I bet the dogs love it..

    • Thank you! Odd Loves you too! 😀
      Ruidoso. So much fun and a great place to beat the heat. Hope you had your DQ special.
      PW is a lot of work but it’s nice escaping from the city and the pups do love it so. Fortunately, Cole helps with the clean up.

  2. I LOVE soft serve ice cream, and DQ really has perfected it! It’s so hot and sticky here that ice cream would hit the spot, too!

    Great video with your campers! Poor Dallas. I’m afraid swimming just isn’t his thing. Probably way too much coat, you know.

    Bad poetry? I don’t know, but I rather think the one with the dog and the flower is pretty clever!!

    • The weather does call for ice cream. I am not a big fan of ice cream but I have indulged a few times this summer. I like the DQ dipped cone.
      Shelties aren’t known for enjoying the water however we often see a Bearded Collie (coat resembles a Sheltie) at the park swimming. The owner always shows up with him groomed impeccable and he leaves looking like a drowned rat. I’m sure it takes her or someone several hours to clean him up again.
      Bad poetry is often amusing 😀

  3. I liked soft serve ice cream until someone ruined it by wondering how often the machine’s nozzle is cleaned. Thanks a lot. Doesn’t keep me totally away.
    I never really gave poetry writing my best effort in school. I do enjoy a good poem though……like the dog poem!
    This is a day late, but we had a good rain today! Finally!
    Still envious of your PW jaunts. Nice perspective with the camera (Go-Pro???).
    Stay hydrated!

    • Those questions should never be asked.
      I’m not much of a poet but I come from a long line of limerick and bad country western song writers. Cole and his friend just wrote “She’s Beautiful Like My Truck.” He gets it from his grandmother.
      We are having fun with the Gopro.Two of our campers don’t have a problem wearing it. The others need more time to get use to it. I’d love for LeBron (our best jumper) to wear it but so far he’s of the attitude that it just slows him down and tries to shake it off.

  4. Because I grew up in eastern NC, we visited the Outer Banks area often and saw The Lost Colony outdoor play several times. (In fact, I think Andy Griffith was in it back then.) I was always interested in the tale and touched by the sadness. The latest revelations about perhaps finally solving the mystery are absolutely fascinating. To think that they may find the answer after all this time!!!

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