Chocolate Milk, Ancestor Appreciation, Crush Can

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September 27, 2015

Chocolate Milk, Ancestor Appreciation, Crush Can

★~ Today’s Quote:If the Sun and Moon should ever doubt, they’d immediately go out. ~William Blake

★~ Chocolate Milk Day:

Chocolate Milk, Ancestor Appreciation, Crush Can

Like practically any edible creation, chocolate milk has come a long way. Before the invention of the cocoa press, chocolate milk was once a very fatty, unrefined chocolate drink made from whole cocoa beans sweetened and flavored with sugar and spices. The creation of the cocoa press in 1928 made removing the cocoa fat from the bean possible, which resulted in a smoother, more digestible quaff.

While chocolate milk may be a drink more associated with childhood, a recent survey of adult Americans found that more than 50 percent of Americans voted chocolate to be their favorite flavor. And it doesn’t just taste good….El Morno friend Irene tip:  Chocolate milk is the perfect pick-me-up after a hard workout.

★~ Ancestor Appreciation Day: 

Chocolate Milk, Ancestor Appreciation, Crush Can

It’s estimated that genealogy is the second-most-popular hobby among Americans. (Gardening is number one. You would’ve thought it was scrapbooking, right?). Today is celebrated by reflecting on our ancestors, and the ways in which they influenced our lives

★~ Crush Can Day:

Chocolate Milk, Ancestor Appreciation, Crush Can

How flat can you crush that can? Give it a try. It’s a great way to relieve stress especially if you give it a good kick after you have smashed it as flat as a fritter. Americans crushed and recycled 56 billion aluminum cans last year.

If you laid all the aluminum cans recycled in 2014 end to end, they could circle the earth 170 times.
In America, 105,800 cans are recycled every minute.

★~ Today in History:

Chocolate Milk, Ancestor Appreciation, Crush Can

♥~ 1530: Pope Urban VII (real name, Giovanni Castagna) died on this date in 1590.  He had only been the pope for 13 days, the shortest papacy ever. There was no controversy about the cause of death:  Pope Urban died of malaria.

♥~ 1888 – “Jack The Ripper” Letter: Anniversary.”  In the midst of the “Autumn of Terror” in which London, England, was convulsed over the crimes of a brutal serial killer, the city’s Central News Agency received a letter written in red ink purporting to be written by the killer. He dubbed himself “Jack the Ripper” and threatened more killings. Police at the time believed (and most historians today believe) the letter to be a hoax by an irresponsible journalist, but the name took hold in the public imagination and is forever associated with the Whitechapel murders of 1888.

♥~ 1954 – The Tonight Show debuted on NBC on this date in 1954.  Steve Allen was host for the first three years, succeeded by Jack Paar, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien, and Jay Leno again.  Jimmy Fallon will become the next “Tonight Show” host in 2014.

♥~ 1991 – A Decatur, Alabama, auto dealership accepted a 450-pound bull as part trade-in on a Lincoln Town Car.

★~Famous Birthdays:

Chocolate Milk, Ancestor Appreciation, Crush Can

♥~ 1929 – Sada Thompson Emmy Award-winning actress: Family [1977-78]; Tony Award-winning actress: Twigs [1972]; Our Town, Desperate Characters; died May 4, 2011

♥~ 1943 – Randy Bachman musician: guitar, singer: groups: Bachman-Turner Overdrive: Let It Ride, Takin’ Care of Business, You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet, Roll on Down the Highway, The Guess Who: Shakin’ All Over, These Eyes, Laughing, No Time, American Woman, No Sugar Tonight

♥~ 1947 – Meat Loaf  (Michael Lee Aday) musician, singer: Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad, Paradise by the Dashboard Light; actor: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Americathon, Roadie

♥~ 1958 – Shaun Cassidy singer: Da Doo Ron Ron, That’s Rock ’n’ Roll, Hey Deanie, Do You Believe in Magic; actor: The Hardy Boys Mysteries, Breaking Away, General Hospital, Blood Brothers; son of Jack Cassidy & Shirley Jones; half-brother of David Cassidy

♥~ 1972 – Gwyneth Paltrow Academy Award-winning actress: Shakespeare in Love [1998]; Hook, Great Expectations, A Perfect Murder, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Bounce,The Anniversary Party, Possession, The Royal Tenenbaums, Shallow Hal, View from the Top, Proof, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow,Sylvia, Spain – On The Road Again, Glee

♥~ 1998 – . Google is celebrating its 17th birthday with a commemorative Doodle harking back to the web of the 1990s.The image, featuring a retro, plastic PC, lava lamp and even 1998’s “Google!” Happy Birthday Google!

★~ Look UP —Harvest Moon:

harvest moon(, Chocolate Milk, Ancestor Appreciation, Crush Can

Everyone with clear skies across the America will have a front-row seat Sunday night to a rare total eclipse three separate lunar events will converge. The total eclipse coincides with the full moon nearest the fall equinox, known as the harvest moon. What’s more, the moon is at its closest approach to Earth for the year, making it also a supermoon or perigee moon. That’s why it’s being coined by some as a Super Harvest Blood Moon.

This confluence has happened only five times since 1900. According to NASA, the last time we saw this celestial triple combination was in 1982, and it won’t repeat until 2033.

The most spectacular part of the eclipse will be the totality phase, when Earth’s shadow completely covers the moon and turns it an eerie red. The moon will dip into the deepest and darkest part of Earth’s shadow, or umbra, during the totality phase, which lasts as long as 72 minutes.

This weekend’s blood moon will be the last in a series of four lunar eclipses, dubbed a tetrad, over the last two years. That pattern won’t repeat for another 20 years or so.


Google Chrome

My teen is visiting his grandparents in New Mexico. When he sent me this picture the text read – “I am not saying I am the next American Sniper but….” It does not surprise me that he is a good shot –he comes from a long line of sharp shooters.

And lucky him, I suspect he will have a magnificent view of the moon and eclipse from his grandparents patio. When it comes to beautiful skies New Mexico is hard to beat. I might head down to the lakefront to admire the moon. I’m always awestruck by how magical it is and I love the moonshine reflection from the water.

Speaking of beautiful. Take a look at this video of Chicago. Sigh.

Hope you have a howling good day!

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6 thoughts on “Chocolate Milk, Ancestor Appreciation, Crush Can

  1. Love chocolate milk! Have been drinking almond milk chocolate lately. It’s working as a dessert which is a great thing!
    We have a great place for sky viewing a 1/2 block away…..walk bridge across the bayou. Sounds like you will have a fantastic view! Looking forward to the beautiful moon tonight.
    These causes of death remind me of the reasoning some people use with causes of accidents. Funny!
    I’ve always liked BTO’s music.
    Nice target shooting Cole!
    I do enjoy flying into Chicago with the Lake MI & skyline. Enjoyed the video, too!
    Taking Nik in to the vet for a possible bladder infection. Check that off the ailments list.
    Rain expected the next few days. That’s ok. We always need the rain. All I ask is for breaks in the sky when I need to walk the girls…
    Have a good lazy Sunday morning!

    • Well it is Sunday. And it was lazy. I’m just a bit late with the rest. . .
      Almond Milk, Almond butter! We will have to try almond Chocolate milk!

  2. Morno,
    Played golf early, met buddies for a late breakfast and now I am enjoying some football before I head over to my sisters for Sunday dinner.
    Big fan of chocolate milk. Even tho it doesn’t agree with me I still drink it on occasion.
    Looking forward to the moon. It is suppose to be a clear night. I might give a little howl.
    Someone has to be the next American Sniper. Cole looks like a good candidate.
    Always a good day when El Morno shows up. Have a good one.

    • Cole needs a few more lessons but at least he is aiming to be the best.
      Chocolate milk is hard on the tum but sometimes so worth it!
      I want to show up more often. I’m working on it. Thanks!

  3. Oh, wow, that Chicago video is just superb! Reminds me of those Pure Michigan ads on TV. What folks can do with stunning video these days!

    Go, Cole! Everybody needs to know how to shoot. Looks like he’s getting great experience (and nice to know you’ll have a protector nearby!)

    I haven’t had chocolate milk in ages. Milk just doesn’t agree with me — must be the lactase.

    I’ll be looking for the moon, though today’s been so cloudy we probably won’t get a good view.

    • I’m glad you like the video. You are right! So much wonderful in videos these days.
      We don’t own a gun. Yet. Cole’s grandparents will need to bring it on the next Chicago road trip. I do have a lot of teeth hanging around that in a pinch would not be fun for anyone to recon with 😀

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