Delve, Columbus, Gumbo Day

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October 12, 2015

Delve, Columbus, Gumbo Day

★~ Today’s Quote: Blessed are the flexible for they will not be bent out of shape. ~ Gumby

★~ Delve – Word of the Day:

Delve, Columbus, Gumbo Day

: to dig or labor with or as if with a spade
a : to make a careful or detailed search for information b : to examine a subject in detail
“Of course, help yourself to whatever you like,” Rosalie murmured vaguely before delving back into her book.

“Laura M R Harrison’s video sequences will use darkness and water to delve into the idea of being psychologically lost and the ways in which we consider the unknown.” — Becky Henrys, Cumbria Live (Cumbria, England), 21 Aug. 2015

We must dig deep into the English language’s past to find the origins of delve. The verb traces to the 9th-century Old English word delfan and is related to the Old High German word telban, meaning “to dig.” For some 400 years, there was only delving—no digging—because dig didn’t exist until the 13th century. Is the phrase “dig and delve” (as in the line “eleven, twelve, dig and delve,” from the nursery rhyme that begins “one, two, buckle my shoe”) redundant? Not necessarily. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, in some local uses as recently as the late 19th century, dig was the term for working with a mattock (a tool similar to an adze or a pick), while delve was reserved for work done using a spade.

Source: Merriam Webster Unabridge

★~ Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples Day:

Delve, Columbus, Gumbo Day

As the U.S. observes Columbus Day on Monday, it will also be Indigenous Peoples Day in at least nine cities for the first time this year, including Albuquerque; Portland, Oregon; St. Paul, Minnesota; and Olympia, Washington.

Whatever.  The mail person has the day off.  Some banks are closed and some are open. I suggest taking a walk and enjoying the fall weather.

And let’s not forget to wish our Canadian Friends a Happy Thanksgiving!

★~ National Gumbo Day: 

Delve, Columbus, Gumbo Day

Gumbo is a tasty, stew-like dish that originated in Louisiana. The name comes from an African word for okra. Similar to Louisiana itself, gumbo reflects an amalgamation of many cultures. Elements in the recipe can be linked to West African, Choctaw, and French cuisine. As a result, there are many variations of gumbo, and to this day chefs argue over the true recipe. The first historical reference to gumbo appears in an 1803 document, which describes the menu at a gubernatorial reception in New Orleans. Shrimp Gumbo Recipe

★~ Today in History:


♥~ 1492 There was no welcome mat waiting for him, but Christopher Columbus arrived in the New World.  After two months on the Atlantic, Columbus landed at an island north of Cuba, thinking he had reached Asia, and exchanged gifts with the natives. Or something like that.

♥~ 1901 – By executive order, U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt renamed the ‘Executive Mansion’ ‘The White House’.

♥~ 1944 – A huge crowd of swooning bobbysoxers stopped traffic in New York’s Times Square as Frank Sinatra made his triumphant return to the famed Paramount Theatre. In what was called the ‘Columbus Day Riot’, 25,000 teenagers, mostly young women, blocked the streets, screaming and swooning for Frankie.

♥~1976 – Chart Topper: If You Leave Me Now, Chicago

★~ Born Today:

Delve, Columbus, Gumbo Day

♥~ 1891 – Perle Mesta (Skirvin) socialite: ‘The hostess with the mostes’; diplomat: appointment as U.S. envoy to Luxembourg [1949] inspired Broadway play Call Me Madam;died Mar 16, 1975

♥~ 1921 – Gumby Birthday –  Art Clokey and his wife Ruth invented the lovable, bendable  Gumby and his horse poky. Gumby and Pokey show biz career started with the Howdy Doody Show and later they had their own show called, The Adventures of Gumby.

♥~ 1935 – Luciano Pavarotti Emmy Award-winning opera star

♥~ 1950 – Susan Anton singer: Killin’ Time [w/Fred Knoblock]; actress: Cannonball Run 2, Goldengirl, Baywatch, Stop Susan Williams

♥~ 1970 – Kirk Cameron actor: Growing Pains, Listen to Me, The Best of Times, Like Father, like Son, Two Marriages

★~ Fall Foliage Gallimaufry:

Delve, Columbus, Gumbo Day

It’s officially fall foliage season, which may have residents of some parts of the country wishing they could trade their warm winters for a quick peek at this regional spectacle. Well, now they don’t have to, thanks to a company that’s shipping handfuls of New England leaves to doorsteps across America. was founded by Massachusetts hiking enthusiast Kyle Waring as a way to share the beauty of New England foliage with people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to experience it. Waring recruits “foliage experts” to hike throughout the Northeast and hand-pick the most perfect leaves they can find. They then undergo a special preservation process and are shipped out in packages that include customizable, hand-written notes.

The leaves are delivered in color-balanced sets of three: one red, one yellow and one green. Bundles go for $19.99 a pop, and if that seems like too much to ask for a few dead leaves, keep in mind that these particular leaves will last long after the season has ended. The preservation method includes soaking them in a mixture of baking glycerin and water for three days, then leaving them to dry for three days more. This enhances the color contrast and gives the leaves a glossy texture, and, according to the website, preserves them for years to come.

If you just want a few unbalanced fall leaves. I’ll throw in an acorn or two, and send you a package of fall foliage for the cost of postage.  I don’t want to leaf anyone out of the fall experience.


pick-up, Delve, Columbus, Gumbo Day

This weekend my teen and I drove to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin to check out a truck he is interested in buying. He still loves the Audi but has come to realize (If only someone had mentioned this fact when he wanted the Audi…like everyone) they are expensive cars to maintain. Now he wants a truck with a warranty.  Specifically, The Tacoma F10,  a small but mighty pick-up truck. I had to laugh as the salesperson underestimated at first, and then struggled to keep up with his young buyer, who bought an Audi, refurbished and sold a Volkswagon bug, and sold a Jag in the last 3 years. Kid knows cars. Me? I know seat warmers, and I’ll miss the one’s in the Audi that kept my buns toasty warm in the winter. Truck owners are more excited about back seats, and cargo covers. The next step is selling the Audi and with luck Cole will be a pick-up man by the end of the month. If only it all goes that smoothly, but when has it ever?

I bought a new paper towel holder! The old one served us well for about 14 years but has finally fallen down on job.  The new one is a stainless steel under the counter model. It’s hard to let the old one go.  But nothing lasts forever. Sigh. I didn’t sign up for Amazon’s same day delivery so I have a few days to get use to the idea of letting the old holder go to it’s just reward. Maybe, I’ll buy some fancy paper towels to christen it with. I’ll be sure to take a picture, I know you are dying to see it. Yep, this is my life.

Have a Merry Monday! And to all our Canadian Friends Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you delve into a delicious Thanksgiving Meal!

Odd Loves Company,


4 thoughts on “Delve, Columbus, Gumbo Day

  1. I like the word of the day. Nice action verb….to delve into something!
    Of course we do not have Columbus Day off. Noooooo.
    Yesterday’s Chicago Marathon would have been too warm for me. I always liked upper 30s/low 40s, cloudy, dry precipitation.
    Still wish I had my Gumby & Pokey figures. They were neat!
    Enjoyed the Chicago tune very much! My high school graduation year.
    I realize you don’t want those unfortunate souls who live in a Fall-less region to go nutty…..
    Happy Thanksgiving to our friends north of us!
    Good morning!

    • Delve is a very good word. Gadfly was yesterday’s word. I like that one too!
      Chicago – If You Leave Me Now…always touches off memories.

  2. Seriously?? Somebody’s SELLING Fall leaves? What will people pay for next, maybe snow??!

    Cole’s picked out a snazzy truck! I hope everything goes smoothly toward its purchase and the sale of the Audi. Big steps in a teen’s life, you know, but how cool is it that he’s so knowledgeable about wheels?!!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

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