Chicken Wing Day, Lasagna Day, Cheese Sacrifice Day, Rain Day

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July 29,2016

Chicken Wing Day, Lasagna Day, Cheese Sacrifice Day, Rain Day

★~ Today’s Quote: Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability. ~Sam Keen 

★~ Chicken Wing Day:

Chicken Wing Day, Lasagna Day, Cheese Sacrifice Day, Rain Day

Whether you like them hot and spicy, sticky sweet or plain Jane and whether your prefer them served with blue cheese, plum sauce or celery sticks, chicken wings have to be the most versatile protein on the planet. Americans have been attesting to this fact, gobbling up wings by the boat-load with more than 27 billion eaten in 2013 and 1.23 billion wings consumed during Super Bowl weekend alone. That’s over 100-million pounds of wings. To give you some idea of what that looks like picture the chicken wings laid out end to end — they’d circle the perimeter of the Earth not once but twice!

Check out Odd Gallimaufry (below) to find out more about the history of chicken wings!

★~ Lasagna Day:

Chicken Wing Day, Lasagna Day, Cheese Sacrifice Day, Rain Day

It all began with a pan! The term “lasagna” comes from the Greek word, “lasagnum,” meaning dish or bowl. The ancient Greeks first used these baking dishes. Later the  Romans used the same style of dish, but created a recipe to go along with the dish which they called  “lasagnum” it was made with layers of  pasta with other food fillings in-between. This new “lasagnum” was so popular it spread across Europe, eventually reaching Britain, where it was published in the very first cookbook.

Food historians believe the Italians changed the name from “lasagnum,” to “lasagna” and the name became associated with the pasta dish.

One of the most famous recipes for lasagna is served at New York’s Del Posto restaurant.  It features 100 layers — 50 coatings of sauce between 50 sheets of handmade pasta. Frankly, I can’t believe it is one bit better than my sweet Mothers lasagna!

★~ Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day:

Chicken Wing Day, Lasagna Day, Cheese Sacrifice Day, Rain Day

This holiday came about from the tradition of filling mouse traps with cheese: you’d sacrifice your purchase in the name of eradicating vermin. Hopefully, you do not have mice and can just enjoy the cheese.

If you wish to catch some mice,
First, some cheese you must sacrifice.
So, purchase the cheese
upon this day,
And a mouse-free house
is here to stay!

★~ Rain Day:

Chicken Wing Day, Lasagna Day, Cheese Sacrifice Day, Rain Day

Sit a spell. Take your shoes off. Come and listen to a story about a farmer born in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania on a rainy July 29, 1874. One day, this farmer told Byron Daly, the owner of the drug store, that tomorrow he should expect rain. The farmer made this guess because it always rained on his birthday, July 29. When the farmer’s prediction proved true, Mr. Daly made an annual game of it, betting store patrons and townspeople that they could expect rain on July 29. The typical wager for this bet? A hat. Every year it rained, and every year Mr. Daly won himself a new hat. Over the years, Daly and his son amassed a huge collection of hats, which were donated to raise money for charity. So, next time it rains on Rain Day, just think, somebody out there is winning a hat. And somebody’s bare head is getting soaking wet.

If you live in a dryer climate and would like to listen to rain; allow me to introduce you to Rainy Mood.

★~ Today in History:

Chicken Wing Day, Lasagna Day, Cheese Sacrifice Day, Rain DayDay

♥~ 1564– Mary, Queen of Scots married for the second time. Her new husband was Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley.  The marriage lasted less than two years.  There was an explosion in Henry’s bedroom, but some sources say he died of strangulation, not from the blast.

♥~ 1773 – The first schoolhouse to be located west of the Allegheny Mountains was built in Schoenbrunn, OH.

♥~ 1914 – The first transcontinental telephone service was inaugurated when two people held a conversation between New York and San Francisco.

♥~ 1950 – RKO pictures released the Walt Disney adaptation of the Robert Louis Stevenson literary classic, Treasure Island.

♥~ 1981 – Millions of people around the world watched on television as England’s Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer took center stage amidst the pomp and splendor of their royal wedding at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

♥~ 2005 – Scientists reported a tenth planet, bigger than Pluto, to be the farthest-known object in the solar system. Later named Eris, the planet was 9 billion miles — or about three times Pluto’s distance — from the Sun. Eris orbits the Sun once every 560 Earth years.

  • Note: Isn’t it interesting that we have two famous brides in British history today and it’s Martina McBride’s birthday?

★~ Born Today:

Martina McBride’s, Chicken Wing Day, Lasagna Day, Cheese Sacrifice Day, Rain Day

♥~ 1966 – Martina McBride country singer: The Time Has Come, The Way I Am, Wild Angels, Evolution, Live from the Crazy Horse [Radio Show]

♥~ 1972 – Wil Wheaton actor: Stand by Me, Toy Soldiers, Star Trek: the Next Generation, The Liar’s Club

★~ Chicken Wing Gallimaufry:

Chicken Wing Day, Lasagna Day, Cheese Sacrifice Day, Rain Day

Buffalo, New York lays claim to the birthplace of the chicken wing and that’s why they are often called Buffalo wings as well. The story goes that Teressa Bellissimo created chicken wings at the Anchor Bar, which she owned with her husband Frank, when her son Dominic and some of his college friends decided they wanted a late night bite to eat. She wanted a fast and easy dish so she deep-fried some chicken wings, which in 1964 were usually reserved for soup stock. She tossed them in butter and hot sauce. Naturally, they were an instant hit.
The Bellissimos weren’t the first Buffalo restaurateurs to realize the potential of chicken wings. John Young had opened Wings’n Things on Jefferson Avenue in 1963. But his wings were breaded and dressed in a tomato-based sauce.
The Anchor Bar’s chicken wing recipe turned out to be irresistible to customers and competitors. Other restaurants in town started catching on. Duff’s, in Amherst, started selling them in 1969. A few years later, the City of Buffalo declared July 29 Chicken Wing Day and in its proclamation proudly noted that “thousands of pounds of chicken wings are consumed by Buffalonians in restaurants and taverns throughout the city each week.”


It is suppose to rain and thunder today. I feel a bit sorry for the 350,000 people who have come to Chicago for Lollapalooza, but I’m look forward to dreary and drizzly and less sunshine.

Do you Pokemon? I’ve been capturing those little devils all over the city. I know. So silly. But I don’t care. It’s fun and I love adding to my collection. I am hatching 9 eggs right now! And I know that Pikachu will show up soon. My 20 year old caught him on one of our rides to pick up campers so I know where he lives! And I am very touched that a friend named her Oddish Pokemon after ME.

Chicken Wing Day, Lasagna Day, Cheese Sacrifice Day, Rain Day

I am just amazed at the technology. And the clever way the game is being marketed.  I saw a Church billboard the other day welcoming Pokemon Trainers. My god is amused.

Chicken Wing Day, Lasagna Day, Cheese Sacrifice Day, Rain Day

Yep, it is all about the technology and marketing! And we could chat more about that but I need to head out….I’ve heard rumor a Wartortie is in the neighborhood and I only have one!

Don’t forget to click over and check out Cousin’s Craig’s post on hero’s. He will be back later today to share his thoughts on Sports.

Personal to Mike: El Morno is dedicated to YOU today. And to the many others who asked about the return of El Morno– Thank you! I am working up to it.

Happy Friday!

Odd Loves Company,

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  1. El Morno dedicated to me? Being a pest worked.Thank you. I am buying Chicken Wings for the office today and I am not even going to work. I’ll SWING by on my way to play golf. A pun is your reward. Pokemon. An interesting craze. I like the Oddish.
    Glad the Queen is back and hope to see her more often.

    • You are a terrible pest in a good way. I got the pun. Thank you!
      The Queen is NOT back but she is working towards it. Hope your office gave you a big round of applause!

  2. My kids would love to Pokemon hunt with you. I don’t hunt but I love how it has moved my kids outside and how much fun they are having collecting the Pokemon. My son actually went on two 1 mile walks so he could hatch an egg. And it is hot here.
    Chicken wings sound really good for a Friday night dinner. Thanks for the idea.
    El Morno is great. I understand you might not be able to write it all the time but I’ll be here when you do.

    • You son rocks. I’ve tried everything to avoid walking including vigorously swinging my arms. The game is pretty smart. My eggs are languishing.
      Thanks for coming back!

  3. Catching Pokemon seems as good a reason to spring for a new phone as any! Domer, however, is holding to his tightwad ways and hoping the “fad” blows over.

    We have sunshine right now and really don’t need any more rain. Perhaps it can stay up your way.

    Interesting facts about wings and now I find myself hungering for lunch. I’ve missed El Morno — how are we supposed to plan meals without it?!?

    • Well at least he will be able to take care of you in your old age in the manner you would like to become accustomed to :-D. It is a fad but I think the marketing piece of it going to grow like crazy. I guess a deal has already been made with McDonald’s.
      My own meal planning has suffered too. Working on a more regular schedule again. Why is sleep so necessary!!!
      Have a great day.

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