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Dear Cousin Craig (CC)  wrote this post yesterday (July 21). His take on the current trends. I’ve thrown in my worthy opinion as well.  I have included links if you have no idea what he is writting about.  Trust me, I needed those links more than you probably will.

Odd Current Events

My dear cousin, Cole’s mom (KATYbETH), has asked me to write something about current events. I immediately went to my source for news—Facebook. Here’s what has been trending and my takes on the issues:

1. Tiffany Trump looks like Hannah Montana.

CC take: So what? I’m not interested in what Trump’s daughter looks like or what his wife says. I only care about his stance on the issues that are important to me. Bringing his daughter’s looks into this is just wrong, isn’t it? I mean, I guess people could have said worse things, like that she was a dog or a fat pig or a loser, but what kind of an ass would do that? Don’t hate the candidates’ families; hate them for being themselves!

Kb take: She looks like Hannah. So?

2. Sheldon Adelson refuses to meet with Ted Cruz because he failed to endorse Trump.

CC take: A rich guy I don’t know didn’t talk to another guy who is bitter and whom I also don’t know. I’m OK with that. In fact, I feel really good about that. I fully endorse the separation of the rich and the bitter.

Kb take: I now have something to like about Ted Cruz.

3. Jared Leto and Margot Robbie have promos for a new movie.

CC take: When is this movie coming out already? I have been hearing about this for months. At this point, I could watch half the movie just by watching the promos. Now, I love movies, and I have really enjoyed the comic book characters in the movies, overall, but enough already! Put out the movie! The fact that Jared Leto sent dead rats to other actors doesn’t make me want to see the movie any more or less; it makes me think that Jared Leto should see a therapist.

Kb take: I think the name of the movie is – Suicide Squad. And I am firmly against rats.

4. Taylor Swift is mad at Kanye West.

CC take: What happens when two people care about themselves more than everyone else in the world combined? Self-important people are beneath me! (See what I did there? Bit o’ the old sarcasm for you.) But seriously, Kanye West and Taylor Swift should both be put in time out. No playing; no new albums; just sit there until you can learn to play nicely with each other. Problem solved, except that I keep trying to figure out which one is worse, and then I think I DON’T CARE! Is that wrong, or is it so damn right that you love it?

Kb take: I really don’t care. He rapped about having sex with Taylor?? Kanye is so much worse.

5. Ray Rice, a free agent running back, pledges to donate his salary if he is signed.

CC take: A man who punches women will donate money to help other men to learn not to punch women. All someone has to do is give him a chance to run with a ball, thus allowing him to repair his image as a brutal, stupid man by knocking over other men. Nothing says I’m sorry like promising to give away a million dollars to stay a celebrity. What about this? Spend a year helping battered women at a shelter. Go to therapy and learn to use your words, not your fists. Then, once you’re not a danger to society, you get to play ball. If you have learned anything at all, you will then donate millions of dollars to that cause. Sorry, Ray, you have to earn another chance.

Kb take: Yep.

7. TV “personality” Jon Gosselin works at TGI Fridays.

CC take: A person who is known for having eight children and then leaving his wife is cooking at TGI Fridays and donating his salary to charity. What a joke. When did being a good father become not cool enough; it’s a lot rarer than this type of douche baggery. All you need to know is this quote from the douche himself: “[The public] thinks I’m a joke. I didn’t do anything to be a joke! All I did was have eight kids and raise them on television. But then I quit. I partied for six months after that, and they’re going to hinge my whole life existence on six months of making appearances so I could pay my attorney fees during my divorce?” So, other than having eight kids and trying raise them on TV, then quitting and partying for six months, and then making appearances to pay for lawyer fees, he didn’t do anything to be considered a joke? What else do you have to do? You, sir, are a joke of a person, and I feel sorry for your kids. Apparently, the best thing you could have done for them is leave.

Kb take: He is so laughable it isn’t even funny.

8. A hashtag I won’t show protests Twitter’s ban of Milo Yiannopolous.

CC take: I hate this. I hate it because I despise the racist, sexist attitude of this man; but folks, he’s got the right to be an asshole. If you don’t like him, don’t follow him on Twitter. He said awful things, for example, that an actress played “a black character worthy of a minstrel show.” He has the right to his opinion and to put it out there for like-minded racist bigots to enjoy. Sorry, that’s part of the price we pay for being free. Maybe others will be offended when I say that gay people should be allowed to marry or that black people should be as safe as anyone else where the police are concerned or that the police aren’t all racists. We get to spout off because it’s a free country. The price of this is listening to everyone else spout off.

This guy is an asshole though, right?

Kb take:  I defend the asshole’s right to free speech. But I am really glad Twitter doesn’t.

9. Netflix is putting out a show about a drug dealer.

CC take Not my cup of tea, but like I wrote above—those who want to, can watch; and those who don’t, don’t watch.

Kb take: Not watching. In case you want to – ‘Narcos’ Season 2 Trailer: The Search for Pablo Escobar Continues

10. A rapper rode the bus.

CC take: Good job, using public transportation. Not sure why anyone needed to know about it, though.

KB take: Huh?

11. Lego has a new Lego Batman building set.

CC take: This is critical news to anyone old enough to not to try to eat the parts and young enough to want to use them.

Kb take: Love Lego’s.

12. Michael Moore says Donald Trump will win the election.

CC take : Let’s just vote, already. Whoever wins gets to be president for four years, and in that time, to try to destroy as much of the country as possible. Why is Michael Moore’s guess of what will happen in two or three months important? Does he have some new information to go with his opinion, or is it just based on fear and loathing?

Kb take: It isn’t over unless Trump wins.

13. The Divergent TV movie series is ending.

CC take: Well, the movie studios have just milked those teen novels dry to this point. And when you think about it, how many times can a dystopian future society with strange and elitist customs be entertaining when we can see it for real if Trump wins the election?

Kb take: CC makes a lot of sense. Maybe even good sense.

14. Weekend Update on MSNBC

CC take: Saturday Night Live has been on the air for 40 years, and each show has a fake news section. The real news has become so intolerable that now we are putting the fake news on a real news station. Sounds like a good idea – it’s worked for Fox News for years.

Kb take: AND Fox news keeps getting better and better!

15. #TrumpYourself: Candidate Hillary Clinton launches Trump Yourself website

CC take: Remember when at least one of the candidates wasn’t acting like a child? Me neither. Maybe it doesn’t pay to take the high road, but the low road is so crowded right now. Is it funny? Maybe. But is it appropriate? Is this really what our candidates should be working on? Maybe finding a VP might be a better use of your time than thinking up zingers. I can’t wait for the debates. I fully expect cream pies and Seltzer bottles to play a major role. Maybe the coverage of the election should be titled, “No matter who wins, the United States loses.”

Kb take: I think Hilary should be more worried about who Bill has trumped and how much of this information will soon be shared about the potential First Man’s personal life.

What are your takes on what’s trending? Or not trending? Or should be trending?

Odd Loves Company!

9 thoughts on “Trending – Does Tiffany Really Look like Hannah?

  1. Does trending mean most talked about by everyone? Because I didn’t even know about lots of of these topics. I guess I am oblivious or boring or both.
    I will add that Jon Gosselin is deadbeat. And I really hope Michael Moore is wrong. He’s been wrong before, right?

  2. I’m not sure what trending means – I was just looking to be pointed in the direction and Facebook provided their “trending” column. I hope you enjoyed it!

  3. Although I’ll always consider myself a writer, I guess this is why I’m no longer a “working” journalist. I find I just don’t give a hoot about what’s trending. Or about most celebrities. Or about Facebook. There…I said it, and I’m not sorry!

    It seems that everybody wants their 15 seconds of “fame” to just keep rolling on forever. And they try to one-up each other with outrageous behavior, just to secure more publicity. Wasn’t it better long ago when people were minding their own business and trying to seize the American dream through hard work and decency? (Gosh, who knew I was such a fuddy-duddy??) Interesting post, Cousin!!

  4. While I’ll contend that hard work and decency are over-rated, I certainly do NOT think you are a “fuddy-duddy” (except that you used the work “fuddy-duddy”). I find the trending items on Facebook absurd as well. I was looking for a target, a current topic that I could talk about that might be interesting to somebody, and I got to thinking about how absurd these topics were, and the rest is Odd history. I love that Cole’s mom dropped in her takes as well. She’s pretty funny (ha-ha and woo-woo) and I enjoy her writing. Keep on saying it like you see it, and keep on not being sorry! Thanks for reading~

  5. Well, I knew about Rice and Cruz so I guess that I am not completely trendless. I am ok with being just a little trendy.

    • That reminds me of an old story. Jesus is standing in front of a crowd of angry people who are preparing to stone a woman. He says, “let he among you who is without sin cast the first stone.” Suddenly, a rock hit’s Jesus in the face, and he looks up, and says, “Mom, put that rock down!”

      We’ve all trended on occasion, right?

  6. Trends are internet small talk. They aren’t meant to be news. We can’t be on point all the time. I find it fun to check in and see what the daily distractions are. Tiffany does look like Montana – I would have never noticed if someone (like you) didn’t point it out to me. I feel more in the know now. Thank you.

  7. So for the first time in history, someone has learned something from me. It’s quite a feeling! It will probably never happen again. ?

    Thanks for reading!

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