Peanut Day, Fortune Cookie Day

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September 13, 2016

Peanut Day, Fortune Cookie Day

★~ Today’s Quote: “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” ― Roald Dahl

 ★~ Peanut Day:

Peanut Day, Fortune Cookie Day

George Washington Carver discovered over 300 practical uses for peanuts. He used  peanuts in shampoo, fuel, dyes, and flours. Unfortunately, according to historians, it is unlikely he ever tasted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. What a shame! There are a plethora of other peanut folksy facts below.

If you want to roast peanuts today here is a recipe just for you!

Place raw peanuts, in shell or shelled, one layer deep in a shallow baking pan. Sprinkle salt over. Roast in a 350 degree F oven; 15 to 20 minutes for shelled and 20 to 25 minutes for in shell peanuts. Remove from heat just short of doneness desired, as peanuts continue to cook as they cool.

(Note to Debbie—if I remember correctly you are not a nut lover—so just sing along with us. I’m pretty sure you know the words!) 

★~ Fortune Cookie Day:

Peanut Day, Fortune Cookie Day

Roughly 3 billion fortune cookies are made each year, almost all in the United States. But the crisp cookies wrapped around enigmatic sayings have spread around the world. They are served in Chinese restaurants in Britain, Mexico, Italy, France and elsewhere. In India, they taste more like butter cookies. A surprisingly high number of winning tickets in Brazil’s national lottery in 2004 were traced to lucky numbers from fortune cookies distributed by a Chinese restaurant chain called Chinatown. But there is one place where fortune cookies are conspicuously absent: China.

★~ Today in History:

Mary Kay, Peanut Day, Fortune Cookie Day

♥~ 1954 – The cover of LIFE magazine was adorned with Judy Garland’s picture, with the caption, “Judy Garland takes off after an Oscar.” Garland had been nominated for her role in A Star is Born.

♥~ 1963 – Mary Kay, the direct-sales cosmetic company, was founded by nine people gathered around Mary Kay Ash’s kitchen table.

♥~ 1997 – Mariah Carey’s Honey debuted on the Hot 100 at number one — her third single to do so. The others wereFantasy (Sep 30, 1995) and One Sweet Day (Dec 2, 1995). Carey was the first artist to have three singles debut at #1.

★~Famous Birthdays:


♥~ 1857 – Milton S. (Snavely) Hershey candy tycoon:; died Oct 13, 1945

♥~ 1916 – Roald Dahl writer: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; screen play: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; died Nov 23, 1990

♥~ 1944 – Jacqueline Bisset actress: Rich and Famous, The Deep, Airport, Bullitt, Wild Orchid, Murder on the Orient Express, Choices

♥~ 1952 – Randy Jones singer: group: The Village People: Y.M.C.A.

★~ Peanut Gallimaufry:

Peanut Day, Fortune Cookie Day

1. Peanuts are not nuts. They grow underground and are part of the legume family.

2. Although peanuts are native to South America, according to NPR, the nickname “goober” comes from nguba, a word used in the Congo region.The root stems from when Spanish traders brought the plant over to Africa, where it picked up a new name before coming to America on slave ships.

3. Men prefer crunchy peanut butter, while women tend to prefer the smooth variety, according to the National Peanut Board. Overall, 60% of consumers prefer the smooth stuff, but there are differences by geography. On the West Coast people tend to go for the crunchy, while the East Coast prefers the smooth.

4. The speed record for eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches is six in one minute. According to Guinness World Records, that record was set by Patrick Bertoletti in Illinois in 2012. Also, according to Guinness, the most peanut butter and jelly sandwiches made in one hour is 26,710.

5. According to, arachibutyrophobia is a fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of one’s mouth.

6.. According to Southern Peanut Growers, a nonprofit trade association, peanut shells are used in everything from kitty litter to fireplace logs to fuel for power plants.

7. According to a Harvard Medical School and Washington University School of Medicine study, girls who regularly ate peanut butter between the ages of 9 and 15 were less likely to have benign breast disease before age 30.

8. There are two former presidents who were peanut farmers. Jimmy Carter’s love of peanuts is commonly known, but according to theNational Peanut Board, Thomas Jefferson also grew peanuts.

9.  Peanut butter can help get gum out of hair. The American Academy of Dermatology says that coating gummed-up hair with peanut butter works because the oils make the gum base less sticky.

10. According to Jon Krampner, author of “Creamy and Crunchy: An Informal History of Peanut Butter, the All-American Food,” only Canada and the Netherlands consume more peanut butter per capita than the United States.

11. Americans eat three pounds of peanut butter per person per year. According to Southern Peanut Growers, that’s enough to coat the floor of the grand canyon.

12. As The News reported in 2013, ex-mayor Michael Bloomberg said that his favorite meal is a peanut butter and bacon sandwich. Hopefully, this is less gross than it sounds.

13. Unlike most plants, the peanut plant fruits below ground and flowers above ground. According to the NPB, the aboveground portion of the plant is about 18 inches tall with yellow flowers.

And now please join me as we sing the peanut national anthem:  Found a peanut, found a peanut, found a peanut just now. Just now I found a peanut, found a peanut just now….carry on. 


Is anyone else ticked about the trend Colin Kaepernick seems to have started? Not standing for the National Anthem? Ironically, the NFL has chosen to respect the right of a player not to stand. The constitution, doncha know….In another country, they could be jailed or shot but in America we protect everyone’s first amendment right. Fine. But as far as I can tell, We The American People, don’t have to buy any product endorsed by them. This article hit the nail on the head for me: Colin Kaepernick Is An Idiot.

I need to get this Tuesday started.  Found a peanut just now…..wishing you a terrific Tuesday, cracked it open, cracked it open just now…..

Odd Loves Company,

3 thoughts on “Peanut Day, Fortune Cookie Day

  1. Good Morno. Peanut day is a winner. I can take a few bags of peanuts to the office while whistling found a peanut. Perfect early week snack for this afternoon.
    My daughter loved all of Dahl’s book especially Matilda. I liked reading both my kids the BFG.
    Football players. I’m all for taking a stand. A stand up when the National Anthem is played.
    Have a good one!

  2. I am always happy when El Morno shows up. Fun read over a cup of coffee and quiet after I get the kids out the door for school.
    All my kids enjoy Dahl’s book. I think some of the language he uses is brilliant. He really knows how to write to kids without ever dumbing it down.
    Peanuts. I like them but I am more of a cashew person.
    I understand what the NFL players are trying to do but they are going about it all wrong. We are talking more about if they are standing or not then we are the issues. It’s a distraction for the game and the issues.
    Hope you have a terrific Tuesday.

  3. If peanuts aren’t really nuts, then how come I can’t eat them?? Oh, and while we’re at it, how come I can eat peanut butter without getting sick (but only the creamy kind)? ‘Tis a puzzle, I tell ya.

    Right there with you on the anthem standing issue. I also heard that now, some high school players are copying his antics. Go figure. Since they’re mostly underage, I’d think their coach could insist on their respect or refuse to play them to get their attention. But what do I know? Too many things are topsy-turvy now — I’ve waited all my life to be able to laud the praises of the good ole days, ha!

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