All I Want For Christmas


What do you want for Christmas?

We already have Peace On Earth (for those that look)

We already have goodwill towards all (mine and yours for starters).

And Joy (it is for the taking)

So…. Tell us what you really want….And don’t be all Hallmark-y, Ok?

Or I don’t need anythingish.  So boring!

Store bought, handmade, universal….what every your heart desires….like cotton candy!!

Odd Loves Company!


8 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas

  1. I will leave the first comment. For starters (I have a long list).
    I want to find a really cool gift for my dad. (My Mom is a breeze), I’ll admit that I put a Dot on my Christmas list…and since I’ve been very good I think I have a pretty good shot at it showing up under the Christmas tree. I’d like my Facebook newsfeed to show only joyful news on Christmas day. I want El Paso to have snow for Christmas.

  2. All good things. I wish I had a good dad gift idea for you but I’d imagine he’s want something useful. Like me. I always want really good wool socks. My kids think it is a boring gift but I love those socks. Lunch with my kids and a movie. The new Farmers Almanac. But the gift I am most excited about. I scored 2 tickets to a very hot broadway musical that my assistant for over 30 years is dying to see at exactly the right time and place.
    It is going to be a good holiday season.

    • Oh Mike! Your assistant will be thrilled with those tickets! How wonderful for both the giver and receiver.
      Wool socks are boring but there is nothing boring about warm feet!

  3. I really want my husband to commit to helping coach my daughter’s hockey team. Is this too Halmark-y? I also want a watch that just tells time and nothing else. And a pair of really warm gloves.
    And a few surprises are fun too.

    • Not Halmarky at all. Sounds like a gift that will keep on giving. I bet you receive everything on your list along with a few things that keep you guessing! You’ve been very good, right?

  4. Rascal is so cute in that stocking hat! Dallas, of course, doesn’t do hats. Nor does he particularly like people to pet him on the head. We all have our odd quirks.

    I want my novel to sell and for people to enjoy reading it. There, I’ve just admitted it! Not asking too much, am I??

    Of course, I still want the Hallmark-y things, too — good health, peace and happiness, a cash windfall … yeah, dreaming is good!

    • Debbie, Congratulations on your new book! I loved every page! The characters captivated me, your attention to detail was amazing, and your punctuation beautiful down to the last comma! I can’t wait to share it with all my friends! I just know they will love it as much as I have. (I am so on board!)
      Our dreams always come true when we take baby steps towards them and always believe. . . sometimes they come true a little different than we imagined—but that makes life interesting!
      Merry! Merry!

      • I’m saving your beautiful reply, Katybeth, and will refer to it in the days/weeks/months ahead as a source of encouragement — thank YOU!!!

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