Why’d it have to be Rats?

Oh Rats!

Rats terrify me. This fear was triggered by an experience I had shortly after moving to Chicago. I’m not going to relive that experience in the telling; suffice to say, I’m more than a little afraid of these four-lettered rodents.

Do your fears stalk you too? Do you know what I mean? Snakes terrify my sweet mother. She encountered them so often along the skating path that she stopped rollerblading. A friend lives in terror of being in a car accident. She reports seeing car accidents daily. Another friend, is stalked by bees. If there’s a bee anywhere in the vicinity, it buzzes her while ignoring everyone else. And about those rats . . .

A few weeks ago, I spent the morning in the yard, working on our mud issue (more about that in another post). Later, while looking out the kitchen window, I felt good about how much I’d accomplished. And then I saw them at the back of the yard—two rats. Another person may have missed them, but not me. Rats are common enough in the city, but it’s rare for us to have them in the backyard (credit goes to my pups and the neighborhood cats). Turning from the window, I stomped my feet, looked up, and yelled, “WHY!” All feelings of accomplishment drained from me. I had been in the yard with two rats! Trying to sooth my fear by being proactive, I called Orkin to set traps and notified the city so they would send someone to treat the alley behind the house. Then I took a few deep breaths and tried to go on with my day. Wait. I spend my days outside! Avoiding the yard is impossible. So, I kept a pup with me at all times and refused to go out at night (that’s why I have a son). I pondered once again why I was letting this fear run rampant in my life.

I get that most people would rather not encounter a rat, but they don’t refuse to board a subway if they see one lurking on the tracks. These people dislike rats; I wanted to be one of these people. I have tried lots of things to tame my fear—I’ve read books about rats (avoiding all pictures), I’ve listened to people who swear they make wonderful pets (I try to listen but I want to scream, “For god’s sake, get a dog!”), and I’ve tried to understand their place in the ecosystem (they don’t have one, outside of satisfying other animals appetites). I even once agreed to board two dejus (rat-like rodents). Dearly departed Joe knew the moment he saw Big and Bang that they would be his responsibility. I couldn’t even look at them. Having them in the house was a nightmare, so Joe took them to the office and took good care of them. Joe was a good guy. My fear was overwhelming (I even found the movie Ratatouille to be a horror movie thinly disguised as a kids’ movie), and nothing seemed to help—until recently, when I learned that I’m a powerful rat manifestor.

I learned this from the vibrating, activating Andy Dooley! He tuned me onto the fact that the universe was giving me rats to confirm that I’m a powerful creator. When I put my full-out energy and focus on something, it shows up. In this case, it is rats. How awful—in a crazy, wonderful way. Andy suggested that when I see a rat, I acknowledge it as something I created. He said that I should remind myself that I’m an amazing creator. He even suggested that I give the rat my blessing. Andy’s ideas were a little odd, but maybe he was rat on! And when you’re plagued by rats, you’ll try anything.

The next morning, while picking up our day-camp pups, a rat ran in front of Cole* as he was walking toward the day campers home. I shuddered and then yelled out the car window, “Hey, rat! Thanks for showing up and proving I’m an amazing creator. Have a great day.” When the next rat showed up, I greeted it the same way, but I firmly informed this rat that I now understood I was a powerful creator. I didn’t need to see any more rats—ever. I’m a quick learner. Woo hoo! Thank you, Andy Doodle!

While I have yet to bless a rat, this new way of facing my rat fear is working. I’m seeing fewer rats, and my fear isn’t as strong. The rats helped me understand that I’m a powerful manifestor. When I understood that I invited them into my life by focusing on them, I simply redirected my focus. I now see a lot more bunnies (I like bunnies). More importantly, I affirmed that what I focus on becomes my reality. This isn’t only true for rats, bees, snakes, and car accidents; it’s true for all things. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

What have you manifested lately? A new book? A great vacation? An outstanding meal? A hole in the roof? A cold? A twitter for a President? Woo hoo! I know! Let’s manifest peace on earth, together! That would be the coolest of the cool, don’t you think?

Odd Loves Company!


* Cole my son and business partner seems to be oblivious to rats. The only one’s he reports seeing are dead. 

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8 thoughts on “Why’d it have to be Rats?

  1. Destructive beasts. i’m not afraid of them but have no problem shooting, poisoning or trapping them. Guess that is where I put my energy, I’m old school. But however you get rid of them is a good thing. I heard in some cities they were using coyotes. And gangs of cats. Harry isn’t much of a ratter but then he hasn’t had much experience and he is well fed.
    What about a food of the day post? Have a good one.

    • Food. Food. Food. Ok, I will give you FOOD. :-D. I think Chicago has tried the Coyotes (but neighborhoods were a bit worried about their small dogs) and I know feral cats can be an amazing deterrent to rodent control. You can sponsor them in Chicago. I can’t of course because of the dogs but I know people who do.
      Harry likes to live the good life. And ratly so!
      Food post soon!

  2. I manifest hurricanes. I’ve been through three doozies and even know I live in a dry climate now when we get ran I want to hide in the bathroom. And my family visits are planned around hurricane season and the possibility of storms.
    Interesting idea of thinking of myself as manifesting the storms. I need to think about it. I clicked on the link and I’ll watch a few of Andy’s video’s. I’ve never thought about it this way before.
    I’m with you on World Peace

    • Hurricanes? Wow. You are powerful. I can imagine not wanting to have that experience again! I hope you find the links and video’s helpful!

  3. You poor dear! I know how terrified you are of rats and am sorry you’re manifesting them so often. I never heard that philosophy, by the way, but I suppose there’s some truth to it. After all, if we focus on something we truly want, it stands to reason we should get it, right? (Well, guess I didn’t focus hard enough on that pony when I was a kid, ha!!)

    • Well lets see— Didn’t you just recently you manifested a book???? You did the work and things seem to show up to make it happen. And, you didn’t really want a pony, you just liked the idea of a pony. And yes, if you focus and put your intent on what you want it will show up.. Maybe, someday I can write more about this. Currently, I am just happy rats are showing up less. Like attracts like might be more familiar to you. Or water seeks it’s own level. Anyway—let’s manifest Mercury Blessings!!

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