Back To School Blues

Summer time! A time when both the kids and teachers are set free from the classroom. A time to celebrate warm weather, swimming pools, and family vacations. Rhythm and routine are relaxed in most families, and time slows way down, except, it seems for retailers, who gleefully start to promote back-to-school shopping before you can even dig your kids flip flops out from under the bed and dust them off.

I love fall, with its pumpkins spice lattes and hoodies, but I always felt the beginning of fall was short changed by the ringing of the back-to-school bell. I’m not sure who was sadder when summer ended, Cole or me. Although he is no longer a back-to-schooler, the sight of all those school supplies makes me a bit nauseous. Fortunately, Cole’s school did not have a school supply list (they provided everything) because I am pretty sure we would have walked down the store aisle sobbing while throwing binders and #2 pencils in our cart—don’t get me started about those #2 pencils, which tell your kid they aren’t good enough to be #1 before the year has even started. Sheesh.

Poetic Cousin Craig, penned a back-to-school poem for us. I think it is very poemgnant.  (Kb)


Packs of paper by the ream
Are flying off the shelves it seems.

Pens and pencils, staples and glue,
Enough for me and some for you too.

Yes, it’s time, the summer is waning.
The teacher to fight off the DT’s are straining.
To those with children, it needs no explaining,
It’s time for school to start again.

Mothers and fathers, tired of the violence,
Are cherishing the thought of extended silence.

Neighbors glance over while leaning on rakes.
You know what that look means, they need a break.

Yes, the summer is fading, it’s going.
Memories were made and are still brightly glowing.
They soften the blow of each of us knowing
That summer was fun, but now it is over.

Busses somewhere are being washed and tuned,
And bus drivers dream of being marooned.

The suitcases are stored away for the year.
Plans to see friends in classes are near.

Yes, summer is done, it’s passing away,
But we will remember those long, sunny days.
And we’ll hope beyond hope that whoever invented
the phrase “Back to School” gets what he has coming.


Odd Loves Company,

3 thoughts on “Back To School Blues

  1. Do you think we remember summers so fondly because they’re so short, or because we were so FREE?

    I, too, am a lover of all things Fall. The scent of crayons, the sight of all those notebooks, the feel of new books … I loved school but was sad at seeing the summer end. Maybe the only way we can eliminate that is by year-round school — nah, that would be awful!!

    Great poem, Cousin Craig. It really hits the mark!

  2. Thanks for the feedback – I’m really missing the fall today with the temperature around 93 and the humidity over 75%. It’s like working in a steam bath. I looked at my weather app for sun and it said the UV was “worst possible – 10/10. Avoid the sun and wear sunscreen at all times”. Send me a Chicago breeze off of the lake, would you?

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