Bougainvilleas Turned On Me


I’m a poor lonely, widda women, I lost my spouse,
So, alone, I had to trim the bushes around my house
And wiliest I was trimming those bushes,
My Bougainvilleas turned on me and stuck me in the nipple,
Felt as poorly as I did the time I downed a quart of Ripple.
I let out a holler and my neighbor come on the run,
When he asked if he could see my wound, I went and got my gun.
He saw me comin’, so’s I had to shoot him in the tail,
A couple hours later the sheriff hauled me off to jail.
Had me one call, so I begged him, Mister,
Just give me a quarter so’s I can call my sister.
I pleaded and whined til he come round,
Called sister and she said, I’ll be right down.
Sister arrived and man was I glad,
That sheriff got to shakin, sister be bad!
She told that sheriff that I was no fool,
That neighbor man jest a wanted to show me his tool.
It was high time someone shot him at last,
She, said now open that cell door and make it fast….

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