Poop Freeze Review

Poop Freeze

Poop Freeze. Really.

Since I am the “petprietor” and chief executive officer of Camp Run A Pup, I am always on the lookout for different pet products. Over the years, I’ve run into more than a few odd ones. Often, this is a good thing.  Deer Antlers, for example, turned into the best dog chew we could give our dogs.

So when I discovered an ad for Poop Freeze, I thought I had found the solution to summer pooper scooping!  Chicago winters offer this solution naturally, as frozen poop is easier and cleaner to pick up off the rocks and wood chips that cover our yard.

I ordered a can of Poop Freeze for $11.00, and could hardly wait for it to arrive!  When it did, I immediately unwrapped it, read the directions, and prepared to give it a try. The first time, instead of frozen poop, the result was mushy, cool poop. Not to be daunted, I tried again.  Operating on the principle that more is better, I sprayed for a longer time.  The poop was cold when I picked it up (with the plastic bag – I feel you need to know how I knew it was cooler) and perhaps more pleasant to pick up than warm poop, but it was still not the promised frozen poop.  I’m no quitter though, so at the first sign of diarrhea, I grabbed that can and faced the mess with high hopes … only to have my hopes dashed once again, with a bigger mess to clean up.

Perhaps the company could enlighten me and they did with complete sincerity! I needed to position the can directly down, angling only my arm so the spray hit the poop before the poop hit the ground. I must at all cost avoid spraying too early or too late!  Timing, it seemed, was everything.

I stepped away from the can of Poop Freeze, and was grateful  I did not buy the Poop Freeze Carry Tote.

Odd Loves Company,

P.S. Although the Poop Freeze did not live up to its promise, I did walk away from this experience with this odd but useful tip which I’m happy to share with you: A can of compressed air (held upside down) will freeze poop. If you ever need to remove poop from carpeting, blast it a couple of times with compressed air and remove it with a flat tool. I’m told a less expensive option is hairspray, but I wouldn’t know since spraying poop with hairspray felt strange.  We are odd, but seldom strange. Of course, if you happen to try the hairspray, I would love to know if it works!

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  1. I learn more from your blogs than I do from the news on TV. Good to know that poop freeze is a no-go. You continue to amaze me with your broad and far reaching knowledge of all things odd!

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