Suitcase Hit and Run


I was Almost Run Over By A Suitcase. Odd but True!

The “Starbucks incident”  had me thinking about the time Aunt Jill came to visit from Tampa, Florida with her unique problem solving abilities.

We have fifteen steep, carpeted stairs leading up from the first floor to the second floor – or down from the second floor to the first floor, depending on if you are coming or going. The stairs begin and end with a wall about three feet from the bottom step. A clock has hung on that wall for about 30 years.

Our guest room is on the second floor, and after a lovely visit, Aunt Jillie was upstairs packing her suitcase. We were preparing to leave for the airport, and I told her I would bring her suitcase down for her when she was ready. Jillie is a reading warrior and travels with a fair number of books, along with the usual various and sundry. In any case, her bag was not light.

I heard her drag her bag out of the bedroom and then say my name. Naturally, I planned to run upstairs and bring down her bag, but she had solved the problem in a new way. Just as I was ready to run up the stairs, she said, “No, here …” and pushed the suitcase down the stairs. It flew down the stairs at lightning speed and crashed into the wall just as I leaped out of the way! The clock was swaying.

I grabbed the clock, looked down at the crater in the wall, and turned to look up the stairs. I must have had a “WTF?!!” look on my face, because she quickly said, “Well, it was awful heavy for you to carry down.”

I darn near got run over by Aunt Jillie’s suitcase, but I didn’t, of course. In my family, that’s often all that really matters. The best part was explaining to Joe about the crater in the wall. His response was, “What was she thinking?!” I shot back, “About me! Is that a problem?” My family is always MY FAMILY.

Odd Loves Company,


Updated; August, 2014. This incident still makes me laugh 6 years later.

11 thoughts on “Suitcase Hit and Run

    • I did not mention how Chicago registered very high on the earthquake scale that day did I—noooo I did not….I did not mention Joe suggesting we buy a Great Dane and turn the hold in the wall into a dog door—did I?? I did not mention how when I first saw the suitcase hurling down the stairs my first thought was “welll auntie has decided to take her own transportation back to Flordia…..and save us the trip to the airport. I think I was pretty darn factual!!

  1. Forget the facts Mom. What I understand is that you saved her a life of back problems. That’s you, always thinking of others.

    • And I think I made that point in the last sentence of my post–I realized the moment I recovered from the initial shock of having a suitcase hurled down the stairs at me–that my Aunt was only thinking of my back and well being!!

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