Upside Down Backwards

Upside Down and Backwards

Upside Down and Backwards! Odd but Fun!

Wow a friend and send them an e-mail written with the text flipped upside down! No really! FlipMyText is on online resource that lets you easily flip text upside down. Just type your text into the box and the flipped text will be automatically generated for you as you type.

Wondering how this might be useful? You can use it on blogs, online profile pages, and to annoy or amaze your children, spouse, family and friends.

When I shared this oddsome technology with Cousin Carla, she said, “…most ridiculous use of technology I have ever seen! Imagine if they used their amazing brain power for good.”

Carla, think back … Remember when you were in second grade and worried that you would run out of things to talk about when you grew up and were invited on the Johnny Carson show? You were so concerned, in fact, that you taught yourself how to write upside down and backwards. This would be your amazing trick if you and Johnny ran out of things to talk about -your “odd in the hole”, so to speak! Dear Cousin, you were not only brilliant, but way ahead of your time!

¡ןooɔ ʇnq ppo sʇı ¡ʇı ʎɹʇ

¡ʎuɐdɯoɔ sǝʌoן ppo


12 thoughts on “Upside Down Backwards

  1. You are killing me! You have amazing powers of recollection. . . . and I live on Merritt Island, Granny lives in Rockledge. A small quibble but its all I have.

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