Odd To Our Family Tree

Odd To My Family Tree

If rhyming and writing in meter’s the game
I’ll take a swipe at it, though it may be quite lame.
The family tree that grows underneath me
is different and varied and I think it should be.
I do have a concern that has sprung to my mind,
what’s going to happen when time does unwind
and finds me without any children or heirs?
I have several friends, should I claim some of theirs?
My brother and I, like Monks, Priests, or unicks
Have not spread the seed, we’ve kept off the tunics
of marriage and children for easier fare
and we’ve left the family without children to spare!
Call Angie Jolie, Brad Pitt or Madonna
Our tree isn’t spreading, it’s thinning! I wanna
grab a korean, a belgian, a jew!
I gotta get me an orphan or two!
I’ll take them home and love them and train them
and my family will grow, and maybe be handsome!
But then I think it’s a choice that I’ll rue,
My family will grow, but Manson’s might too . . .

~Cousin Craig

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