Jim Mullen’s KICK ASS Apple Sauce


My friend Fran shared a story about her friend Jim Mullen–Jim Mullen makes Kick ASS APPLE SAUCE. He was also a plainclothes Chicago cop when a bad guy shot him in the face with a .357 caliber pistol. The bullet went through his cheek and lodged in his spinal column, leaving him a quadriplegic.

I loved reading about Jim Mullens story and since I love apple sauce I can’t wait to try it. But what like most about the story is Mullen attitude that goes along with it. Jim Mullen knows if Chicago Finest Apple Sauce “flops” he won’t go into a funk because he know what is really important…..

Read his story here and then join me in trying out the Apple Sauce!

Chicago’s finest applesauce, a true Chicago treat. – Konkol’s Korner

If you would like to ship apple sauce to family and friends click here for the Mullen home page.

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9 thoughts on “Jim Mullen’s KICK ASS Apple Sauce

  1. This is awesome. So many of us would give up, turning inward and dying inside. This man has not only moved forward, but made a new life and business for his family. He is an inspiration, and I’m betting the applesauce is in and of itself a cause for celebration. I’m going to see if anyone in my area carries it. May Mullen, his family and his applesauce have a great 2010!

  2. “Hi KB, well, I will always listen to your recommendations!!! I just tried some of “JIm Mullens” apple sauce, and I have to share this with all, it is simply put, the best I have ever tasted !! And, it does taste like apple pie without the crust.”

  3. A friend of mine recommended this apple suace, but I had actually found it first at the Whole Foods when I was shopping for the Chanukah dinner. I bought it to go with the latkes. It is soooo different from regular apple sauce. Tastes just like apple pie. Yum! Yum! I highly recommend this apple sauce! The best I’ve ever had.

  4. Thank You so much for posting this Katybeth. Jim is a remarkable person…extremely kind and always thinks of others first. If you are out of town he also ships his product. You can either ctc me or order from his website. May the New Year bring much happiness to all.

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