Waffle Iron-Creates Sizzling Bacon!

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For more great odd and wonderful ways to use your waffle iron stop by the Waffleizer

Alton Brown (the person who Cole insists knows everything, absolutely everything about food, also makes Bacon in A Waffle Iron.

Update! I just made Quesadilla’s on my waffle iron and  they turned out perfect!! In fact when you cut them into triangles after waffling they are positively festive!

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12 thoughts on “Waffle Iron-Creates Sizzling Bacon!

  1. Oh God, I loved watching this. Rascal hoping beyond hope that a piece of bacon would ‘magically’ fall into her mouth. Kb whispering in the background and of course, the Amazing Cole as head chef. Fun! Fun! Fun!

  2. Cynthia,
    Thanks for noticing the positive and not noticing (unlike my mother) that the whole time he was making bacon he was patting Rascal. I had to promise her we were not serving it to guests. This from the person who once fed guests a pot roast that had fallen prey and been rescued from our Great Dane. It was Fun! Thanks as always for being one of our Bestest Odd Supporters!

  3. He is adorable! and I cannot get over Rascal going from the sitting to the down position while on Cole’s lap! I must find a way to shrink Lada so she fits the same way…
    Loved the cooking demonstration!

  4. LOL. Well Lada does like bacon….it all starts there. The sweet potato pie was fabulous. There is only one piece left which I am saving for Vickie who loves sweet potatoes.
    Figure our cooking demonstration at least give people hope–if “those people” can do it–ANYONE can do it.

  5. It was not a pot roast, it was a rib roast, and I washed it off really well under very hot water.

    I hope no one who came to that dinner is reading this!

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