8 Hour Super Bowl Sandwich

Cole went off to ski on Sunday – Super Bowl Sunday. My only intention was to delve into a little bit of book work and read Seth Godin’s book, Linchpin, on my Kindle.

Those were my plans until I had the dream on Saturday, the eve before Super Bowl Sunday.

“Katybeth.” When Joe shows up in a dream, it’s usually to make a request while I’m in that sleepy, unaware state when my resistance is low. I ignored him.

“KATYBETH!”  Ignore, ignore, ignore.

“Katybeth, there are people sleeping everywhere wishing their beloved would show up in a dream.” Ignorrrring.

“Katybeth, I want to ask you to do something for Cole.” FINE! WHAT?

“Well, you need to make ribs and some snacks for Super Bowl Sunday.”  Ok, I will go to Russell’s and buy barbecue.

“No really, make that sandwich Cole showed you in his magazine. The rib sandwich.” Big groan on my part. Joe always made a big deal out of the food for Super Bowl Sundays. The guys watched the game. I showed up for the food and commercials. You know Joe, you have a lot of nerve, first you die, and then you show up and plan the Super Bowl menu for me to make. Joe?

Super Bowl morning rolled around and Cole dashed off for his early morning ski date. On the kitchen table was his Bon Appetit magazine with the Grilled Cheese and Short Rib Sandwich with Pickled, Caramelized Onions and Arugula gracing the cover. I decided to add the Bacon, Cheddar and Chives Biscuits and Garlic Pita Chips. I am telling you right now, I never made it to the Garlic Pita Chips. With the spirit of a Super Bowl contender, I dashed off to the local grocery store. My famous last words to my mother were, “Hey, it’s only a sandwich, I have all day, and cooking is just about following directions.”

Eight hours, three trips to the grocery store, and a kitchen that looked like it had been overtaken by terrorists  produced one pretty good sandwich, with the possibility of some left over, and some biscuits that are just good enough. The slideshow of making a Super Bowl sandwich is below.

Next year if Joe insists on homemade Super Bowl snacks, I am going to tell him to dream ON.

Joe, the Saints won. I’m sure you feel it was appropriate.

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Eight Hour Sandwich. from Katybeth on Vimeo.

15 thoughts on “8 Hour Super Bowl Sandwich

  1. Good grief! My daughter put this together??? I mean, Katybeth sliced and diced and saute’d and baked? I simply can’t believe my eyes! It really looks good enough to eat!

  2. Meals from scratch cooked by Mom….good for whatever ails you. Truly a gift of love. (Wondering if you could have shaved off a few hours of prep time had you put your camera down. XO )

  3. That was perfectly delightful! Looks like some goooood cookin’ — both on the stove and on the camera! come on now. . . its was fun, wasn’t it?

  4. Isabel…fun is not the word I would have used….but I did laughed at myself when I put the video together. I bet your kitchen never looks like mine when you make a sandwich and a few biscuits!!

  5. I am very impressed that you accomplished this very complicated recipe. The video is hysterical. You go girl. I want one of these sandwiches next time I’m over. Only kidding.

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  7. Not fair,
    we only get to watch and not to eat.
    I think you have to do this one more time and invite as all to your house for dinner 🙂

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