Rosie With Whip Cream and A Cherry On Her Nose!

Let me just tell you, if you think it’s easy to balance a cherry on the nose of a Bouvier des Flandres, it isn’t. And whipped cream does not stick to fur like you might imagine it would either!

I’m often asked how in the world I can talk a Bouvier into balancing a cherry on her nose, or a Deer Hound into being a Christmas tree, or well … you get the idea. First, you get a very patient Bouvier. (My mom’s Dobies take off the moment they suspect I might have something fun up my sleeve. Dobermans aren’t always into patient, and they are never into sticky.) Second, having a box of cheese nips on hand does not hurt. And third … well, let’s just say, “What happens at Camp stays at Camp!”

Happy Birthday to Rosie, who just turned 6 and would like the world to know she is a hell of a good sport. Also shown is Lulu, her party-girl sister, and Emma, who is showing off her stylish Bouvier party wear.

All three girls will be cheering for Webber, Sleeping Lady’s Bouvier des Flandres, who is being shown at Westminster 2010!

Happy Birthday Rosie!

Lulu, might have had a little to much party….

Emma, in the latest Bouvier Party Wear.

Camp Run-A-Pup

14 thoughts on “Rosie With Whip Cream and A Cherry On Her Nose!

  1. Oh my. How did you get her to not eat the cherry? It sort of sounds like a dessert. Bouvier des Flandres cherry jubilie….

  2. Cynthia!
    No bouvies were hurt, jammed or stabbed for this picture and we should all notice that while I put whip cream on her head and a cherry on her nose–I stopped short of lightening the candles! No flaming Rosie Jubilee!

  3. I love Bouvier des Flandres. Hope to own one as nice as these three some day! They obviously have great dispositions!

  4. Justin,
    These girls are as sweet as they are pretty and very patient with me. When you are ready give Judy a shout out at Sleeping Lady’s Bouvier des Flandres. She bred these pretties and can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the breed.

  5. I can’t even teach my dog to sit and you are balancing cherries on their nose’s! Love the party hats….Some silly people don’t think dogs like to dress up…but I think they love it! Well, love may be a little strong….

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