Cheri McNealy Toties-Custom Made For You!

TotieThis is the “Totie” you have been searching for your whole life. Really.

Cheri McNealy, the Queen Mother of all Toties in the free world, custom makes Toties reflecting your own personal Odd lifestyle. This is the Totie that will travel with you on your way to teach yoga and attend Tantra workshops.  It will cheer you on at acting auditions, help you scout out beads for that perfect necklace, hold your Kombucka tea without gagging, and honor your Hersey chocolate bar with almonds. This is the Totie that can hold shin guards, essential oils, Kindles, paint brushes, pampers and knitting needles.

Each Totie is made utilizing the colors and themes of your choice. My mother’s southwest-themed Totie travels with her to dog shows, stylishly organizing her lipsticks, leaches, collars, old mints, Kleenex, a zillion little pieces of paper, and bits of hotdog. My Aunt Jill’s Totie reflects her love of all things Irish, and happily accommodates her abundant reading material, Good & Plenty’s, Sugar Babies, crossword puzzles, and crochet yarn and needles on her trips to Ireland. The only groans come from my aunt who complains that her Totie is a little heavy. Duh. We tell her, “It’s not heavy. It’s her Totie!”

My Totie’s name is Whimsey, and she has kept me organized through baby days, a plethora and variety of grade school volunteering, and most recently, a trip to Italy. Following the advice of the Queen Mother of Toties, I followed “The Rule of the Pocket” from day one. I assigned each of my belongings to a Whimsey pocket and never again did I have to dig around my Totie looking for my lens caps, mouse, compressed air, Leatherman, scotch tape, lip gloss, or old mints.  I would like to tell you Whimsey improved my relationship with my keys, but too many of my loyal readers would know I was lying, so let’s just pretend I can always find my keys hanging on Whimsey’s key ring holder.  Whimsey is the perfect Totie.

Of course, if Whimsey and I had not been a perfect match, Queen Cheri would have insisted I return her immediately. Feeling a connection to her Toties even when they move on to new families, Queen Cheri would never want one to remain where it was not cherished or fulfilling its purpose. All Toties are guaranteed.

Queen Cheri’s Toties: one of a kind, functional, a little bit Odd, and a whole lot of FUN.

Share the Oddest thing you have ever found in your bag/purse in the comment section of this blog post. In a few days, I will close my eyes, spin around a few times stopping just short of a dizzy spell and try to randomly point to one Odd comment which will win an Odd prize. It will be FUN. Really!

Glad you were in my Odd neighborhood. Feel free to drop by any time. Odd Loves Company and odd loves you and you and you!! I would love to hear from you in the comment section of this blog, or on Facebook or Twitter!


PS–I share products/workshops/links with you because I think they are fun, interesting or I love them (Kombucka tea would be the exception). These are not affiliate links, and I do not benefit in anyway from your purchase or attendance.

5 thoughts on “Cheri McNealy Toties-Custom Made For You!

  1. These toties are fun but more than that, they are functional. I’ve put water bottles, dog snacks, sunglasses and everything else you can imagine in mine, then my husband asks if he can add his sunglasses and wallet and unfortunately, there is always room!

  2. These look like Fun. I’m going to talk to Cheri and see if we can use some material, I really like and have been saving….


  3. I love the idea that these totie’s come with a story. I plan to order one and a couple for special gifts!

    Thanks for sharing the link!

  4. Every day when I go rummaging in my purse for my keys, I find my wedding rings #1 & #2, because they are on my keychain. Of course they are. Now I need a Totie. [sigh]

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