Rascal Says Cheese!

I was sitting at my dining room engrossed in some “Katybeth, very important work” (more than likely updating my Facebook status), when Rascal come dashing into the dining room howling….

Jumping up and looking down, I saw what can only be considered a classic “Jack Russell” moment. Rascal’s head firmly stuck in a cheese bag.

Quickly, noticing the bags small howl at the end, and certain she would not suffocate…I told Rascal to say “cheese” while I took a quick picture, before tugging the bag off her head.

Rascal looked at me with her cheese covered face and snarled “Do not put this on your Odd blog!”

Rascal, I’m sure your brother will offer you plenty of sympathy and maybe even a little cheese….

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2 thoughts on “Rascal Says Cheese!

  1. The best part is that the cheese ‘type’ is COLBY-JACK, which is really pretty funny considering he’s a JACK RUSSELL……..

  2. To Funny!! –I did not even look at the bag but you are so right–I tossed some shredded cheddar in the empty bag, in an effort to “recycle” and forgot what the original cheese was!

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