Joe’s Dragon Love Forever

A dragon has been stalking me lately. It’s a giant, fire-breathing, winged dragon; not Puff.  My dragon has shown up in the books I am reading. A friend recently sent me a card with a picture of a Chinese Dragon on it. Thumbing through Joe’s infamous index cards, I came to one on which he had drawn a fire-breathing dragon. It almost looked like my dragon, and scrawled on it was the following quote:

“I believe in everything until it’s disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it’s in your mind. Who’s to say that dreams and nightmares aren’t as real as the here and now?”

The quote is by John Lennon. (Rachel, I think this might be personal). Looking at the index card and the quote, I began to chat with Joe.

Joe, I miss your fiery dragon breath.

Didn’t you try to sell me on anger management classes?

I suggested you might benefit from learning to control your temper – probably after you had completely lost it over something hardly worth it.

Katybeth, you were no fair maiden. Do you remember the lamp?

I missed. (During one of Joe’s fire-breathing temper tantrums, I grabbed a lamp, lunged at Joe, and started swinging it).

Barely!  And after each swing, you yelled, “DAMN!” like you regretted missing.

I did regret missing.

Do you remember the eggs?

I remember you totally losing it because you could not find the cheese grater and were absolutely certain I had thrown it away. The cheese grater.

Katybeth, you threw eggs at me.

I threw eggs at the sink. I enjoyed the sound of each egg cracking. I was aiming for the sink, but you decided to try and catch them. (Joe tried to keep his rage directed at me screaming about how I ALWAYS threw out cheese graters, while catching the eggs and advancing towards me without being hit.)

It was like a bizarre carnival game.

You caught the last egg, but it broke in your hand. You would have stormed out of the room but your hand was filled with egg shells, whites, and yolks so you just screamed your end-of-scene line, “GO JUMP OFF A BRIDGE!” instead.

Out-yelling Joe was impossible. Coming from a family of six siblings has its advantages over being an only child in this regard.  Joe would use his size to intimidate, and his lungs to express his fiery rage. I was supposed to retreat, or at the very least, cry. I was not scripted to throw eggs and swing lamps.

Joe also used his inner dragon to protect Cole and me.  Loyal to the very last spark, anyone who suggested a fault in one or the other of us was fried. I liked this about him.



Are you shouting from heaven?

I’m not in heaven.


I’m not in hell either. Tell everyone who ever wished it.


NO! I’m in the light. Are we going to finish this blog post or not?

Okay then, enlighten me.  Why do you think a dragon is stalking me?

Describe a Dragon.

Fire-breathing, passionate, loud, clear … you.

I held those traits for you.  Perhaps your Dragon is waiting to be acknowledged. Maybe you can trade nice for passionate, quiet for loud, wishy-washy for clear.If two Dragons were in front of you and one was breathing fire, ready to fly and the other was mildly chewing on daisies, which would you claim?


The Dragon with the attitude.

Congratulations, you own a dragon.

Joe, it isn’t easier without you. I miss you all the time. I still can’t believe you are gone from right here and right now.

Katybeth, I won’t ever be gone from forever. I promise you and Cole dragon love forever.

Joe I promise you dragon love forever, too.

Glad you were in my Odd neighborhood. Feel free to drop by any time. Odd Loves Company and odd loves you and you and you!! I would love to hear from you in the comment section of this blog, or on Facebook or Twitter!

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