Odd Together! Share your Oddities! Win A Prize!


I will show you my Oddities if you show me yours. Come on, it will be fun! Really! We can be Odd together!! The best part is we can talk about who is really Odd.  We can remark, “Oh my God, I just never knew she was that Odd!”

AND … if you want to, go ahead and share about someone else’s Oddities. All is fair in love and Odd. Here is Joe’s brother’s muscle. It’s Odd.  An odd story about my Aunt. We love her. My cousin Carla can read and write backwards. Odd. My mother and Cole discuss a business plan for an assassin business when he grows up. Odd to some. Odd cousin Craig shares It’s Not Odd-It’s my Family and if you are not from the northwest side of Chicago, you’re Odd. My one and only is naturally Odd! Now, what about ME?

In the morning, if the time on the clock is even (ie: 6:52), it’s time to rise and shine. If the time is odd (6:53), I wait until the time changes to even (6:54).

I admire and collect words that are 10 letters long. To name a few: activation, afternoons, cohesively, delightful,wealthiest, verbalists.

My dishwasher is color-coordinated. Two of the same-colored plates cannot be next to each other. Glasses are loaded from tallest to shortest. Fat glasses in the back.

99.9 percent of the time when I guess which way to turn, I’m wrong.

I loved being an only child and only want to have one child. Joe and I were in complete agreement.

My attitude towards ice cream is mostly leave it.

I can get along with almost anyone (at least while I have to) with the exception of Dunkin’ Donut employees.

I admit loving to talking on the phone, spending hours on the computer, answering e-mails, and playing on Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In.

Now it’s your turn. What’s Odd about you? This is an area of expertise for my family, so perhaps they would like to start the comments. (I mean this in the nicest possible way, of course!)

Share the Oddest thing about YOU in the comment section of this blog post. In a few days, I will close my eyes, spin around a few times stopping just short of a dizzy spell and try to randomly point to one Odd comment which will win an Odd prize. If I’m too dizzy to point, maybe we will vote. It will be FUN.

Glad you were in my Odd neighborhood. Feel free to drop by any time. Odd Loves Company and odd loves you and you and you!! I would love to hear from you in the comment section of this blog, or on Facebook or Twitter!


24 thoughts on “Odd Together! Share your Oddities! Win A Prize!

  1. Are these odd?

    I purchase about 99.9% of my clothing and household items from the thrift store. I feel nauseous when I have to go into a “real” store.

    My medicine cabinet does not contain medicine….. just essential oils and all natural cosmetics. I have never given my son so much as an aspirin.

    I Facebook from bed on my iPhone.

    I have not used facial cleanser since 2003. I use warm water or vegetable oil.

    Not one of my dishes match any other. This is intentional. First, if something breaks, then I won’t have a fit to find a replacement, and secondly, each guest’s place setting is unique, just like the guest. My table is always colorful, like a summer garden.

    My family is as conservative as conservative can get before it becomes Odd.

    And…….I appreciate Odd Friends–the Odder the Better.

  2. My favorite number is 222. When I was a teen, one week EVERY time I looked at the clock, it was 2:22. So i claimed it as my number.
    I pass out at the sight of blood. Mine, others, doesn’t matter.
    I gave up vegetarianism for fried chicken while pregnant with my eldest child. She however has been vegetarian for 7 years now.
    I am always looking for the reasons, whys and how things fit in the bigger picture of life.

  3. My wonderful, loving, crazy, big, nutty, loud, funny, sometimes insane family may seem odd to some – but they’re mine. Welcome to my world . . .

    Cast of characters:
    1 husband; 3 children; 1 soon to be daughter-in-law; 7 siblings; 15 in-laws; 38 nieces/nephews; 13 nieces/nephews-in-law; 24 great nieces/nephews, and 2 greats on the way.

    8 Dans, 1 Erin, 1 Aaron, 3 Kevins, 5 Terrys, 8 Marys, 3 Bridgets, 2 Brians, 1 Bryan, 2 Julies, 3 Johns, 2 Kates, 5 Charlies, 2 Kellys, 3 Jims, 2 Megans, 1 Pat, 3 Patricks, 2 Petes, 2 Micks, 3 Toms

    Dan the Man, Kevie, Kevie-Wevie, T, T-T, Big T, Little T, My T, Your T, Moonie, Mara Beca, Mar-Mar, Bri-Bri, Bri-o, Bri-o with a y-o, Brian Joyce, Jewey, Conito, Chuckums, Chuckie-wuckie, Meganski, Omelette, Connie, Bassie, Pete, Snortin, Norski, Wrigs, Jules, and Swoose – to name a few

    Rutabaga is turnip – turkey cookies are schicken cookies – tobey rye rounds are rockndocks – left over frosting is candy

    Thousands upon thousands of tee shirts – millions of lone socks saved in the sock “bin,” “bag” or “room” (never ever throw out a good sock)

    See Ya, See Ya, See Ya – Get Lost – Gotcha Last – Charades – bags – Memory – pools (betting/gambling) – football – hockey – baseball – basketball – golf – name that dead relative – challenge round of name that dead relative is to identify if dead relative is actually a relation

    Cool Dudes – Mother Fudgers – golf

    Toor-a-loora – Happy Birthday – Scotch & Soda – KKKKatie – Skittamarink – Do Your Ears Hang Low? – anything Sinatra

    The “Aunt Julie”

    22″ to 6′6″

    Get the picture?

  4. Well all I can think of to say is “JESUS MARY AND JOSEPH!!” and where are the Michaels??

    Crazy in love with your family. Wonderful and only Odd that we don’t hear it from others more often!!

    The picture is worth, well a 100o names!! Thanks.

  5. Now I’m thinking Odd..

    My kids alternate. Girl, boy, girl, boy, girl.

    My class ring is not from the high school I graduated from

    Nathan (partner) and I are often mistaken as siblings. Even once by a woman at the Clinique counter where Nathan worked. I was shopping, she asked if my brother worked there, cause I reminded her of this guy Nathan..

  6. Several years ago now my friend, Deb, shared a website about ‘gross cakes’ with me (see cakecentral.com, and search for their ‘gross cakes’ — and yes KB, I KNOW it’s odd that I still don’t know how to attach a link to something like this 😉 ). Featured was the ‘cat box’ cake. Somehow I got it into my head that she had sent this to me because another (mutual) friend, named Tara, had made the cake (she hadn’t. Deb still thinks it’s ‘odd’ that I made this connection). To this day I cannot scoop my own cat’s real littler boxes without thinking of the cake and thinking of Tara. And I find it ‘odd’ every time.

  7. Isabel,
    That cat box Cake was truly Odd! I think Odd thoughts seem to stick more than random or thoughtful thoughts….Tara and the cat box cake….did Tara ever think of making a cat box cake??? Wait…now I’m wondering…is odd catching….


  8. I have totally lost touch with what Odd even means in my daily life…I feel like everything I do is Odd, every decision I make. I question every “known” thing, wondering “Who made this up?” “Whose idea was this?”

    And so it is no surprise to me that I, having grown up Catholic, having saved my virginity for a pretty long darn time, like a good Catholic girl…would grow up to question the very basis of that fundamental belief instilled in me, and somehow find the one spiritual path that actually celebrates human sexuality.

    I love that I have found tantra, uniting sex and spirit. Is it Odd? I don’t even know. Hardly anyone I know is on a tantric path. My mom and my ex-husband, for example, pretend tantra doesn’t exist. I will mention it…and they will reply to a completely different question, perhaps something I asked a week before…but not everyone totally avoids this topic. Some people are quite intrigued. But they are Odd.

  9. I feel an Odd headache coming on….yes I am intrigued…and of-course Odd. Tantra is Odd. Questioning all things Catholic is not….

    Thanks for being the Odd friend that pushes the limits!

  10. What are some Oddnesses, though, apart from the very core of who I am, as described above? Because painting Isabel’s guest bathroom was a topic for discussion on facebook this week, I will limit my list to our guest bathroom only. We have a teeny tiny dog sitting on the water faucet in our guest bathroom, where my daughter set it two years ago. Everyone who uses that bathroom for the first time says, “Do you know there is a teeny tiny dog on the faucet in there?”

    No one remarks upon the lovely writing tablet in the shape of a dress, hanging on the wall…have they read it? If so, they don’t mention it. My daughter has written one of her riffs–random thoughts, from the point of view of the dress–on this tablet. Perhaps it is too Odd to even ask me about, so people pretend they didn’t see it. Why is it hanging on the wall? Because there was a hook.

  11. Rachel….is it Odd that we notice the minuscule and are obscured from the bigger picture? Or do most of us really only notice the bigger picture? Does a writing tablet hanging on a hook mean anything, if nobody comments on it…I leave these Odd thoughts to you to ponder..I am thinking about Cat Box Cakes!!

  12. Whenever I look at the clock or the phone, it usually is 11:11,
    with few exceptions.

    My mother made cole slaw with bananas, and I can’t eat
    it without bananas. Strange how no one makes it with bananas.

  13. Here is another one Barbara…I always interrupt your phone calls with your sister…? Now about bananas and cold slaw, I’m going to try it…why not, after all I love Odd!!

    Thanks for dropping by…

  14. So what exactly is odd? The word is used a lot, but what does it really mean to you? I believe it’s a word that has a different meaning to everyone. Ask 10billion people and you will get 10 billion definitions of odd….all different. Odd to me is, liking the fact I live alone with 6 animals, not minding a fur lined couch or drool on the floor, enjoying the mismatched socks I wear to work, driving with the sunroof open in the winter, cutting my sushi in half before eating it, loving Ben and Jerry(even though I’ve never met them), knowing whose on the phone when it rings, setting all the clocks 20 minutes ahead, keeping my thermostat at freezing because my internal temp gauge rivals Chernobyl, at times. (ok, that one may not qualify as odd, for my age range). I enjoy scooping the cat box, revel in the smell of wet dog, carry on in depth conversations with myself, plants and animals, read the end of the book first, stock pile food and water, but never have anything I want to eat, and dance when there is no music.
    None of these things may seem odd to you, or maybe they are the strangest things you’ve ever heard. It may be that they are normal everyday activity’s, but are odd simply for the reason they’re done. That’s what makes Odd such a great thing, you throw it up in the air, and get something different every time it floats back down to you

  15. Odd? I do nothing odd. I woke my kids up at least once every night to make sure they were still there until the youngest was 9 (this means the oldest was 12). I still wake them up sometimes and now the oldest is 20.
    It makes me gag if I watch someone drink milk. I don’t believe in hand sanitizer. When reading a book I read the first three chapters and then the last one, then the next three and then the second to last one, and so on. I don’t eat eggs unless they are wrapped in a cake or brownie and I don’t eat anything I bake (meaning cookies, brownies, cakes, etc; does not include dinner). Sometimes I hear loud voices in sad places even when there is no one else there.

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