Chicago Waldorf Mayfair 2010!

Every May, the Chicago Waldorf School hosts a Mayfair. A picture is worth a thousand words.

I hope you share my feelings of wonder, hope and beauty when you watch this slideshow.

If the slideshow “sticks” or “freezes” on your computer click on the Vimeo logo

For more Mayfair FUN, check out Odd’s exclusive coverage of Isabel’s Cat Box Cake.

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16 thoughts on “Chicago Waldorf Mayfair 2010!

  1. Lovely pictures! (loved the one of Jeff at the end!) So many pretty May crowns and beautiful face paintings. Thanks for taking them and sharing them!

  2. Lovely! Great video with great Irish music it was delightful and made me sorry my kids are all grown up.

  3. Great MayFair pics/slideshow!

    great cake and hilarious slideshow!!! (rats. how did i miss that, the day of the mayfair!!)


  4. This was fantastic! I couldn’t be there but I felt like I was after watching this slide show. So many darling little faces and big faces too.
    Love it. Good work!

  5. This has warmed me up on this chilly May day!
    Thank you for a way for us all to remember a wonderful day!


  6. I love the photos and the music. It was a great day. Any way I can get a copy of that adorable picture of my daughter with Ainsley and Josie Goodwin? You have a great eye. Love the photo of Linda as well!

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