16 thoughts on “Today’s Cute Fix…Is there anything cuter than a Sloth? Really.

  1. What a unique creature. Thank you for sharing. And you are correct they are pretty cute.

  2. DM (Dear Mother)

    *Trinket is pretty cute…but I would have to take another look at the video to be sure she is cuter….

    DD (Dear Daughter)
    * Trinket is my mother Doberman Show Pup.

  3. Stevie,

    Very observant..I think you have be right, he does look a lot like Ozzy! How many toes did Ozzy have (you know, most Sloth only have three)

    Thanks for dropping by Odd!

  4. uh …..anything cuter than a sloth? a baby, a puppy, a kitten, a teenager, a squirrel, a pony, almost anything, kb!!!!

  5. Oh elaine…you must not have watched this!!! You of all people would think baby sloth’s were cute…want one….and find the rest good homes!!

    Thanks for dropping by Odd.

  6. Sorry Trinket, I think that’s about the cutest thing I have EVER seen!!!! I love how everything they do is in slow motion. Never a hurry. Humm, what does a sloth do when he’s in a hurry???

  7. Ryan was just saying last night that he wanted a sloth!!! We loved this video – I am sorry Auntie Poo but I think the baby slothes are cuter than Trinket too!! Love you!!

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