Alaska~Day 3: Glaciers & Wild Ice Cream Eating Meese.

Today Cole and my dad went glacier exploring.  I headed off to the Mercantile to do a “little laundry.” My father packs for three weeks but can never be gone longer than two days without needing to do “just a little laundry.” The bonus was a laundry facility that included outdoor picnic tables,fast internet and “just a little alone time.”

My explorers returned with great pictures and stories of a fascinating adventure.

Today’s Show and Tell…..

The start of a great adventure. Heading up to Glacier Country. The boots while not stylish do keep you from falling off the glacier.

Tippy top of Mount McKinley. This mountain has a lot of personality. Even when it is daunted by clouds it tries to give tourists a thrill and shows off a little.

A few Odd Glacier Facts: There are nearly 100,000 glaciers in Alaska. In total Alaska’s glaciers empty over 50,000 billion gallons of water into streams and rivers every summer. That’s half of all the water that flows into the worlds oceans!

The “what did you do on your summer vacation paper” should be very easy to write

And finally so many of you asked if I saw any meese….I am happy to report…I DID!!! A wild and rare ice cream eating meese!  (How do I manage these kinds of pictures?? Well, Cole is very very good sport…and I don’t nag him about things like tying his shoes  (sorry mom!).

Glad you were in my Odd neighborhood. Feel free to drop by any time. Odd Loves Company and odd loves you and you and you!! I would love to hear from you in the comment section of this blog, or on Facebook or Twitter!


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15 thoughts on “Alaska~Day 3: Glaciers & Wild Ice Cream Eating Meese.

  1. Thanks! Means a lot considering that I sit outside–computer held up, tongue out (for good luck) hands freezing at midnight…to get a connection from our room…OX

  2. Please tell MDB to tie his shoe laces, for his Granmarcie. Other wise when he falls down and breaks his neck it will be all your fault!
    Have fun, stay safe.

  3. Can’t do mom…its all about the picture….I googled it falling and breaking your neck on your shoe laces….is really a myth falls into the category of poking your eye out with a stick….

  4. Please tell Cole that his engraved invitation to our next “funny hat” party is already in the mail!
    (P.S. You’re invited too, of course; we have extra hats.)

  5. What a rare opportuntiy for photo shoot of icecream eating meese. Awsome! What flavor are the meese partial too?

  6. I suppose you don’t believe running with scissors isn’ t dangerous either. Where did I go wrong!!!

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