Baby has Shoes~Size 11 1/2

Cole’s Red High tops

Baby has Shoes…

To say Cole is hard on shoes is to say Bigfoot has large feet.  It’s an understatement, at best.  I swear, the shoes used to shudder as Cole approached them in the shoe store.  They would wrap their laces around each other, offering protection and comfort.  I would shudder at their prices, considering we would only have them for three months … that is if it was a season in which he could spend a portion of the time barefoot.

I envisioned Cole’s first shoes as Stride Rites. You know, good support for his toddler feet. We walked into the Stride Rites store, tried on a pair, and Cole announced, “So ugly.” Okay, what about a pair of shoes that light up “To bright.”  Superman shoes? “No.” Batman shoes?  “No.”  Pooh Bear shoes? “Pooh bear no shoes.” Black patent leather high heels with sequins? At least he tried these on.

Cole was doing some modeling around this time, and went to a photo shoot for an ad that included bright red leather high tops. Cole looked at those shoes, pointed and said, “Oooh!” When it was time to take them off, even with a promise to go directly to the store and buy another pair, Cole sobbed so hard, he was given the shoes.  Relief was short-lived, though, and soon we were off on another shoe hunt. Every time Cole would need new shoes, I would sit down and cry. Joe offered to take him once. He returned after 45 minutes and announced, “Impossible.”

When Cole began to play indoor soccer, he asked if he could wear indoor soccer shoes as his everyday shoes. Indoor soccer shoes came in a variety of cool styles, bright colors, (reminding him of the first pair of shoes he ever loved) and while they were expensive, they were made for the kid that ran, jumped, and kicked off the court as well as on the court. Indoor soccer shoes. Yes!!  Joe loved looking at Cole’s new indoor soccer shoes. We carefully studied  the soccer turf shoes review. He was so excited each time we brought a new pair home, he would put them on the living room coffee table so we could all admire them until Cole insisted on wearing them.

Below are this year’s “school shoes.”  Cole designed them, Niki made them, and good friends gave them to him as a gift. When the custom-designed shoes arrived, Cole went “Oooooo!” while I stared at the 11 1/2 size shoe glowing in the dark, feeling very relieved “the baby had shoes.”

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  1. One thing about it. He wont see himself coming and going. No one has shoes like these. But you know what , I like them. Very snazzy. Good taste Cole. Enjoy school and make it a great one.

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