How would you solve this problem?

How would you solve this problem?

This is a picture of my front window.

notice bottom half of window is covered.

These are my dogs going crazy as another person walks by my front window. If you want the full story, I wrote about it here.

So, now that you have seen and heard the problem, what do you suggest?  I am looking for your clever, crafty ideas and help. This is an opportunity to reach out and help your fellow woman in her terrible time of need.

There are a few things you’ll need to know in order to be at your utmost helpful best:

  • Newspaper covering the bottom half of the windows works pretty well, but tears easily and is not attractive. Bonus: If I use the Sunday Comics, my windows look funny.
  • Heavy white packing paper lasts longer than newspaper, but dog hair gets stuck to it, which makes my windows look like I have carpeted them in factory fur.
  • I’ve tried training, screaming, swinging a fly swatter, and running the sprinkler so dogs and their people cross the street instead of walking in front of my window.
  • I’ve tried posting a sign that said, “Beware of the wild lurking skunk.” In front of my house.
  • I have considered moving. No.
  • I have considered giving away my dogs. Maybe.
  • Our furniture has been moved into every configuration possible. I have even moved it daily to see if mass confusion would help. Our dogs are not confused. Cole and I bump into each other looking for the couch.
  • My mother came up with the really good idea of putting cafe curtains along the bottom windows with a tension rod. The bad part of the idea is that I can’t find cafe curtains to fit. (Are you suggesting I make them? With a needle and thread or a sewing machine? Hear me laughing hysterically.)

If one of my Odd and wonderful friends can help me come up with a workable solution that will bring peace and goodwill back into my living room, I will reward with them with the coolest umbrella ever! Ever!  It’s a Woot SENZ Original 30″ Aerodynamic Storm Umbrella. This umbrella deserves a blog post of its own, it’s so cool. Don’t ask me the color until you have helped solve my problem.

Glad you were in my Odd neighborhood. Feel free to hang around with us any time. Odd Loves Company and odd loves you and you and you!! I would love to hear from you in the comment section of this blog, or on Facebook or Twitter!


15 thoughts on “How would you solve this problem?

  1. I’m sorry-I’m laughing. It must be better in the winter when fewer people are out walking. What about the white wash off paint they put on store windows when the close. Maybe you could paint your bottom windows with some white out paint. Have no idea where you buy this, but I might check a major hardware store or on-line.


  2. Well…you could buy a one of those big hairy Halloween masks and a megaphone and go into the bedroom and come out yelling Quiet. Would that work??

    • All the neighbors would have to see is for me charging out of my bedroom wearing a Hairy Halloween Masking yelling like a fool, while my dogs jumped and barked like maniacs. For sure they would seen men in white coats. MMMM, men in white coats? Good drugs?
      Peace, Quiet. Maybe its a better idea than I thought, Lynn!


  3. Sadly mini blinds work. Why sadly?? Because they have to be mostly closed or angled up. I wouldn’t put shades because I fear they would tear easily. Perhaps someone over at jcpenney in woodfield’s store could recommend. My girlfriend bought wood like ones only because they are heavier than the vinyl. And when penneys has a sale it’s pretty good. I do like the idea just for the lower half of the windows. We have the blinds built in the windows. What Chatham doesn’t see…he doesn’t go after. :-/

    • Thanks Joann…My only problem with mini-blinds is we are looking at a pack of pups lunging at the windows..I’m afraid they might need to be made of steal. But I will check in them…maybe they make dog proof one’s.
      Out of site…out of mind! So true.

  4. Easy solution.
    Collect up all the dog turds you can find. Arrange them to spell out daily inspirational messages in the front yard such as “Keep off the Grass,’ ‘Beware of Bigfoot,’ ‘Caution: Toxic Waste Facility,’ CIA Sniper Training Field,’ ‘Landmine Mfg. Co.’, etc. It is vitally important to use dog turds as this is the only font that alien canines can read.

  5. Net curtains? At a pinch they can be made using Wonderweb – I know this because I suspect my sewing skills are every bit as honed as yours are.

    Alternatively, no one has glanced on gagging the problem with muzzles (although, come to think of it, maybe it hasn’t been mentioned for a reason) 😉

    • Why can’t we sew, Jane? No interest…that must be the case, certainly could not be lack of skill!
      Oh I have thought about muzzles!!! Its just that in my business, I’m suppose to have a better idea..I did..shock collars! But alas, I’m stuck with the kinder, gentler approach people have come to expect from me…

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