Butter Chicken. Last Seen Heading South!

I posted my Butter chicken recipe on Facebook…is it just me or did this thread head south? By the way, who is Con?

Teresa: That sounds delicious. I’ll have to try it sometime. You and Paula Deen could be great friends. 🙂

Katybeth: Paula Deen? I am guessing she is not a facebook friend? She is…..

Teresa: No. But you could “like” her fb page. I did. She’s a “heavy on the butter” type of gal. Just like your chicken here. You don’t watch TV do you?

Teresa: I sent you her page. You would love her!

Katybeth: Thank you!! Butter is just good and honest.

Katybeth: No. I don’t watch TV. None. I try sometimes to watch a little with Cole, tho. He misses watching TV with his dad but say’s I am a lousy substitute…hows that for lack of gratitude…on the other hand it takes me off the hook.

Teresa:  So you don’t watch the Food Network, obviously. One of my favorite things to do is leave the Food Channel on for background noise. I like to take a nap while listening to Paula’s soothing southern drawl as she’s whipping me up some country fried steak with biscuits and gravy or Savannah High Apple Pie..

William: I like to fall asleep with the earplug from my old transistor radio in one ear, listening to the late innings of a Giants game.

Teresa: I used to have CNN on in the background. Paula Deen and baseball soo trumps CNN. 🙂

William: Can’t listen to an A’s game, announcers are too borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring.

James:White Sox TV broadcast team is the best I have ever heard I can see why the Cubs got rid of Steve Stone Cub fans had no idea what he was talking about

Jim: Steve Stone is good but Hawk can be a little overbearing at times.

William: I think I told you, but Giants have Hall of Fame broadcaster Jon Miller (except when he does ESPN games), former 2nd baseman Duane Kuiper, and former righty Mike Krukow, along with Jon Miller’s heir apparent Dave Fleming. Kruk and Kuip are not overbearing, for ex-jocks.


Teresa: I was gonna say…

Adelaide: butter, butter, butter……

James: Good? like Chopin was good? Man you have been far too North for much too long and Hawk although somewhat overbearing has found a nice groove working with Stone, a man he obviously respects

Katybeth: Teresa did you have a good lunch today?? Adelaide thanks for stopping by.

Con: All the time.

Nancy: I just read the butter chicken recipe very similar to Chicken Paprika. I prefer Chicken Paprika. Give me good old fashioned Hungarian spice any day of the week. I am not a fan of cardamon. If you like I will share my chicken paprika with odd. Again a very easy meal with very little works. Served over your favorite buttered noodles. And as for something to listen to when you just want to hear something. I turn on ch 260 and check out different preachers. Yesterday it was Rabbi Snyder! I realize I love the Torah taught by a real Rabbi. No offense Jimmy Tucci.

Nancy: Ok KB. I just put my recipe for Chicken Paprika on Odd.

4 thoughts on “Butter Chicken. Last Seen Heading South!

  1. Had to laugh at the thought of Paula Deen as background noise. My husband swears his voice give him seizures. To test his theory I turned on Food TV one night while he was soundly sleeping beside me. I turned the volume as low as I could and still hear it. Now, the hubs is totally deaf in his left ear and he sleeps on his right ear so I thought that certainly this was not going to affect him. He immediately started twitching and he was awake within about 30 seconds bitching about Paula Deen’s voice. Unfortunately, no more Paula Deen for me. I did eat at her restaurant in Savannah though and the fried chicken was divine!
    Also Kb you know I am available for TV watching with Cole any time. We like a lot of the same shows.

  2. I feel really bad for laughing, I’m sorry but sometimes I love how a conversation can just… take off like that and veer to completely different topics. I can also see how annoying it would be when it hijacks your page and i’m sorry that happened to you

  3. Hi Megs,
    Go ahead and laugh…I mean really how long can you talk about Butter Chicken before your eyes start to glaze over! They know I appreciate the attention..any attention. You understand because your blogger.

    Glad you were Our Odd Neighborhood and decided to drop by!

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