Sydney the Roo!

Sydney was a “Roo”  fostered by a friend of  my moms. We all enjoyed Michelle’s, Sydney updates and pictures.  Sydney now lives the good life in a zoo in Pennsylvania. It was very sad for Michele to let him jump off  but she knew he would be happiest in an environment that could give him a proper forever after home. She did say however “never again.”  Since Sydney came up on face book, I thought I would re-post Michele’s update. The pictures always make me smile.

The following update  was written by Michelle  on February 21, 2009

Sydney reminded me that I have been very remiss in sending out photos to his many fans. The following pictures were taken from late November through today. He is growing and doing well. He still nurses from a bottle, but enjoys apples, sweet potatoes and an occasional carrot as well as the baby crumbles. His pouches have grown in size to accommodate him and he still sleeps in one through the night and during his daily naps.

When we travel in the van he rides shotgun with his pouch hanging on the seat. Believe me, I get some strange looks from passers by when they see those hind feet sticking straight up in the air! Motel rooms have become quite an adventure for the little guy. As the dogs watch from the bed, Sydney hops to his heart’s content using the furniture as an obstacle course. On our last trip he discovered he could grab the toilet paper and hop through the room with it in his mouth. My bitch Jammie had to wonder why she used to get in trouble for doing that. At night he hangs safely in the closet. I’ve often envisioned a maid’s reaction if she were to find a kangaroo in there.

I have tried to take pictures when he is hopping across the yard, but he moves so fast and unexpectedly that it is almost impossible. Some of these pictures were taken at the vet’s where he gets weighed and afterward likes to inspect the filing system. The dogs think he’s really great and tend to just accept him as one of the pack. They all respect his space and, with nubs wagging, give him little kisses if he comes up to them.

We have not received a definitive date for Sydney to go to the Pennsylvania  zoo, but assume it will be in the next few months. I will take him there myself and plan to stay a day or so to be sure he is settling into his new home.

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4 thoughts on “Sydney the Roo!

  1. I have never seen this post. I wished I could have met the little guy in person. I just love animals. And ones I have never seen in real time just keeps me intrigued to no end. Cant say this is the last time I will bring up Roo for others to see. He pops through my mind often. I am so in awe and a little bit jealous that you all got the privelege of saving this little fella. Thanks for sharing once again.

  2. Wow, now that is a privelage to be part of the raising of a Roo. Although I’ve seen many a kangaroo, living in Australia, I’ve never been able to get up close to them. We’re told to keep our distance because fully grown they are powerful creatures. One kick from them and you’ll be knocked out. I used to take my kids to the smaller nature parks where you could see the joeys, occasionally they allowed you to pet them. Beautiful creatures!

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