22 thoughts on “Human Years,Dog Years,Time Marches On

  1. We must remember to take their faces in our hands, bring them close to us, look deep into their eyes and tell them how very much we love them, right now, in this moment and for all eternity……

  2. Yes Cynthia perfect. I do this all the time ! I call it unconditional love. The Father loves us this way and I love my children in the same manner. Unconditionally !

  3. On a more shallow note. Are those the Ralph Linens you talked about ? Just wondering ? I can’t tell with the black and white photo.

  4. One look at that precious picture – and I can’t stop crying! Our best friend just lost their 27 yr. old son Sunday night due to a car accident. He was not married, but had his beloved golden retriever Ace. I was at their house yesterday and throughout all the comotion laying there in the corner was Ace. I cannot explain to you the look on his face. I will argue with anyone that says our pets don’t have feelings or know when something is wrong. So so sad.

    • I am so sorry for the loss of a young person. Life is often not understandable. May the memories bring smiles as the years pass.

  5. I know I should be making some heart-felt comment about how quickly time passes, how beautiful both child and dog are, blah, blah, blah . . . but all I can think is, does Cole know that you are taking pictures of him while he sleeps and posting them on Odd?

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