Facebook! Are You Addicted?

You might be spending too much time on Facebook if…

  • You click this button and allow Jimmiesixbellies to generate a Facebook status for you and then copy and past it into your profile.
  • Instead of working, you are generating interesting Facebook status message’s.
  • While approaching green lights you slow down, so the light will turn red, and you’ll have time to update your Facebook status.
  • You don’t understand the rush to GO at green lights.
  • You quickly hide your Facebook page when a family member comes in the room and deny being on Facebook. AGAIN!
  • You argue with your kid over how long he has been on the computer(knowing you  have been on longer). Have NOT. Have TO!
  • Friends who only check their Facebook once an hour, make you angry.
  • Friends who only check their Facebook once a month, enrage you.
  • You refuse to speak to people who aren’t your friend on Facebook.
  • Facebook is your main source of information (who needs real news)
  • If your Facebook isn’t working, you call someone to ask if their’s is. Only to find out that Facebook is down. In the future People will say…. “Remember the day Facebook crashed?” T-shirts slogans will read  “I survived the Facebook outage.”
  • While attending your child’s school performance, you update your Facebook status. Hiding your phone under your coat.
  • Your family says, don’t put “THAT” on Facebook.
  • When Facebook makes changes it ticks you off, a few hours later you get used to the change and become annoyed by those who insist on criticizing the change.
  • When you look through your pictures on your camera, you already know what captions to put underneath them.

Would write more…but haven’t updated in awhile…”Katybeth feels somewhat underwhelmed by indecorous toenails…..”

Share the signs of addiction you see in your family members….we are here to help!

Glad you were in my Odd neighborhood. Feel free to hang around with us any time. Odd Loves Company and odd loves you and you and you!! I would love to hear from you in the comment section of this blog, or on Facebook or Twitter!

13 thoughts on “Facebook! Are You Addicted?

  1. I text the person next to me at my kids boring school performances–its a great way to pass the time and catch up.

  2. I have thought about joining a support group..but I would rather be part of the problem than to talk about the problem!

  3. I just love how my sons friends fb friend me just to drive him crazy. It is the ultimate burn for a college kid. They will sit around and read my political rants or spiritual beliefs and fall on the floor in hysterics as the poor kid squirms. He screams ” Do not comment on my friends walls ! ” To which I reply ” hey buddy I didn’t fb friend them ” ! “Ugh” he replies. But actually it is a connection because my kids are away. I can see by their wall if there happy or sad or about to do something foolish. 97 % of the time I do nothing but occasionally I say something.

    Let us not forget my political research ! I know you all are depending on me to set you straight with some facts and I am the fact finder willing to oblige! Like today did you know their is another oil spill in the Gulf ! Serious again ! Peace talks where Hillary Clinton is a star performer. Death toll on American soldiers in Iraq, and the list goes on and on! Facebook is important but is it too important yes I think it is.

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