WTC! Why is Odd acting so Odd?

Do “Odd’s” pictures seem super-seized? Are the pictures missing all together? Or perhaps they just don’t line up properly. Do you click the links, only to experience profound disappointment? Is everything just wacky and odd? Well. ..

Odd is experiencing  technical difficulties.  We appreciate your patience (sorry, I just had to say that), we really do value your readership (the devil made me say it), and we will work hard to deserve your future Odd visits (what can I say, I have been on hold a lot lately).

Here I sit drowning my sorrows in a late night double root-beer float. Wondering, What The Crut (WTC. I stole this word from a clever 14 year old named, Lily)? Why has Odd turned on me? Is it my late night Woot purchases?

Fine. My web designer has gone to bed, tired of my hysterical Odd rantings and dumb ass suggestions; I’m alone with a broken blog. No solution in site. . .sure no small children have perished and no grape juice has been spilt on white carpet..but sad nonetheless.

I’m not sending this blog post to my bestest proof reader or anything. I’m just publishing it as written. So their ODD. Ha. Ha. Ha.

If Odd won’t format, neither will I!. I am going to use lots of  semicolons; because I love semicolons and Alexis (the proofer) refuses to use them as much as I wish she would. I love her but she is a little stubborn about punctuation.

I will use more than a few . . . or – – – because I consider them default punctuation.

I like “quotation marks” do you?  If you were here; I would quote you. Call me if you are still up.

Sorry Alexis, Carla, Rachel and Julianne…. I’m only going using “to”…and I’m never using two or too until Odd straightens up and blogs right.

Isabel, I’m alway’s going to use apostrophe’s.  Why not, right?

Carla has always advised against drinking and dialing. I wonder if this same rule applies to late night blog post publishing while sipping root beer floats?

WTC. I’m going to publish. Get ready for a poorly formatted, oversized, blog post filled with poor spelling, and lack of punctuation. However, if you like semicolons; we will be fine. Really.

Glad you were in my Odd neighborhood. Feel free to hang around with us any time. Odd Loves Company and odd loves you and you and you!! I would love to hear from you in the comment section of this blog, or on Facebook or Twitter!

6 thoughts on “WTC! Why is Odd acting so Odd?

  1. Inever even noticed anything was ” badly formatted”. I focus on your words of wisdom I could care less if there is a picture or not. I appreciate and admire your photos of course but it’s the written word that inspires.

    • Thanks Nancy, I’m glad you didn’t notice. Maybe other’s won’t as well…sometimes blogging gets technical, you can’t fix it, its late at night, and you wish you had pen and paper..using the pen to stab yourself with, and the paper to explain why….:-)

  2. Reading this hurts me! I have grown accustomed to your exotic spelling and whimsical capitalization, but now, to throw caution to the wind regarding punctuation?! It’s just too much! Commas, semi-colons and ellipses galore! It seems just plain irresponsible to throw the baby out with the bath water that way. Ow, ow, ow, for the love of God make the pain stop! Punctuate, spell and capitalize correctly regardless of how Odd is acting. Don’t let Odd turn you to the dark side. Keep up your high standards and continue to utilize Alexis. She earns EVERY PENNY! Love, love, love!

  3. Thank you for the chuckle, my dear! I have nothing against semicolons, hyphens, or commas. I just prefer them in their proper places.

    Carla, thank you for your support. I love how you referred to Katybeth’s whimsical capitalization. You’ll notice that I do indulge her this one quirk … to a certain limit, of course.

    Katybeth, I’d read anything you wrote, regardless of punctuation, spelling, or grammar. You’re that good, that funny, that inspiring. Love you!

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