Deer in my Chicago Neighborhood!


Deer? I live in the city … of Chicago!

We have deer in our forest preserves and coyotes in our cemeteries, and sometimes a cougar drops by-not my neighborhood by close enough-but we seldom have deer in our front yards. My beagle, Scooby, went crazy at the window. After failing to hush him, I gave in to his persistent barking, which seemed to say, “Look now! NOW! NOW!” and went to look out my front window. Two deer looked in.  I thought, “Oh dear! Our neighbor is not going to be pleased if two deer decide to live in our backyard.”

Grabbing leashes and apples, I walked outside to get a closer look. Two children on their way to school looked at the deer, looked at me, and asked with Disneyworld awe, “Are they real?” They were.  I approached the deer with leashes and  my offering of apples. Leashes? Apples? No way.  It was probably a good thing, since I did not have a plan once I had the deer leashed. I did herd them into the backyard with the help of a neighbor. See deer jump!  I called animal service and listened closely to their new menu with new options, but deer in backyard was not an option.

Wait one minute! As the deer wandered very slowly down the city sidewalk, grazing around, resting often without one ounce of hurry about them, I caught on.

One of our Odd businesses is selling deer antlers as dog chews. It’s a family business. I sell them, my dad ships them, and my mom decides how we should spend our earnings. Click here to find out more.  If you know me or my family, it will never cross your mind that we might hunt deer for their antlers.  For those of you who don’t know us, rest assured that no deer or elk have been hunted, teased or bullied just for their antlers.

The deer visiting us were antler inspectors! When I grabbed the leashes and apples and set out a bowl of water, they realized they had nothing to be concerned about and slowly walked back to the woods to complete their reports: “Today suspect greeted us with leashes, apples, and a bowl of water. She was Odd, but rather dear. Case closed.”

Below are a few pictures of my pups with deer antlers.

Odd Loves Company,

deer antlers

deer antlers

deer antlers

deer antlers

deer antlers

deer antlers

13 thoughts on “Deer in my Chicago Neighborhood!

  1. My dogs love the antlers but I love dealing with real people, who know dogs and care. Could not believe you remembered that my girl was going to have surgery–and sent her a get well antler. I tell everyone about you,and your deer family!!

    All our best,
    Viv and Gem

  2. My pups love their deer antlers sooo much. Need to order a few more….glad to see you have the Deer Seal Of Approval!

    Talk soon!

  3. Deer in Chicago. Amazing. I also looked at the coyote post. Who knew!
    My pups love the antlers–and don’t tell the inspectors but I don’t think they would mind if you sent the “whole deer.”


    • Shhh, that can be our secret. I once had an e-mail where I was asked if we just shipped the antler or if the whole deer was included. I felt I need to add a disclaimer to the web site—Deer not included!

      Cheers Geri!

  4. You dont even have to leave home to find a good story. Out of all the houses in Chicago (many I am assuming) they picked you. That in itself is odd. Then you happen to have deer antlers all around your yard. Hummmm. Maybe they were casing your place and only left for reinforcement. 😆 😆 You know what they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. 😉

  5. I know. They pick us. LOL. Wow–I never thought about the possibility of casing! I certainly hope the whole herd does not return!! I like that saying, Kathy!

    Thanks for dropping by Odd!

  6. What great pictures. Its nice to see another picture of our Toby. What a big antler he has! Thank you Katy Beth. 🙂

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