Celebrating Johnny Appleseed’s Birthday with Apple Kuchen!

Happy Birthday Johnny Appleseed!!

An Odd Dude. Some say Johnny Appleseed was a pioneer but I picture him more as an 1800’s hippie. He wore coffee sacks with holes cut out for his arms, rarely wore shoes even in the winter he could walk over the ice and snow barefooted and the skin was so thick on his feet that even a rattlesnake couldn’t bite through it, he wore a mush hat on his head. A leather bag filled with apple seeds was slung over his shoulder. His dream was to plant so many apple seeds no one would ever go hungry.

Johnny, disliked the establishment.  He never used banks and relied instead on an elaborate system of burying the money he earned from his apple trees and tracts of land. He lived off  the plants, berries and seeds offered by nature and never killed animals for his food.

Johnny wandered the countryside for over 50 years before dying on March 18, 1845, he died of pneumonia at the age of seventy-one. Legend says it was the only time in whole life that he was sick. I guess it’s true, “An Apple A Day Does Keeps The Doctor Away!”

In Honor of Johnny Appleseed’s Birthday, Cole and I baked an Apple Kuchen. Click on the video to watch. Click here for the recipe.

How will you help Johnny Appleseed celebrate his birthday?

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23 thoughts on “Celebrating Johnny Appleseed’s Birthday with Apple Kuchen!

  1. I am so impressed with the quality of this video! The pictures are actually as professional as anything you see on television.Both you and Cole did a great job!

    Now I did happen to notice that your Cuisnart does not look like it has been used very much and that must change! Because you are a busy mom and buisiness woman. My Cuisinart is so worn out! I have gone through two of them now from use. Currently my Cuisinart tube feeder is being held together by yelllow duct tape. BTW I cut the apple in half and then I put the apples through the feeder and onto the half moon blade. The apples will be sliced very very thin and then you layer them on the dough.

    Bravo Katybeth and Bravo Cole!

  2. YUM! I think my grandmother use to make something like that and boy was it good….loved it with vanilla ice-cream.

    Happy Birthday to Johnny!,

  3. A mush hat?!?! I don’t know what that looks like, but it has to look better than the pot they made me wear on my head when I played Johnny Appleseed in that play in Cub Scouts. I’m all re-humiliated!

    Happy JA Birthday to you!

    • Wow! You were Johnny Appleseed in the Cub scout play? Cool Bean’s! Well, really there is a rumor that mush hats were not around in Johnny’s time but if there were I feel certain he would have worn one! When researching, I believe you should always go with the fact you liked best and stick to it!
      Glad you were diverted over to our Odd neck of the woods.


  4. Hi Katybeth:

    This post brought back good memories for me…on the way to visit my grandparents in Ohio, we’d often stop at a restaurant called “Johnny Appleseed’s” in Arlington, Ohio. It was a diner combined with a bowling alley. I’m sure it’s long gone now…


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  6. My mom was a good friend of a girl whose dad and uncle owned Johnny Appleseed’s! When they were in high school, they went to the restaurant for lunch sometimes. My parents said that it started declining after one of the owners died in a strange accident, and a fire in the building did the rest to close it. There is now a pizza parlor where Johnny Appleseed’s once stood.

  7. My Parents owned the Johnny Appleseed in Arlington when I was a young teen in the 70’s before it burned. It was starting to do a brisk buisness after my parents took over and opened the dinning room and started to sell beer for the bowlers but then one night a fire started in the kitchen on a very cold winters night when all of the fire hydrants were fozen solid. With a metal roof the fire had complete control and that was the end of the Johnny Appleseed in Arlington.

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