Odd but Cool Video’s!

Irish Hand Dancing,  A Twist on Break Dancing,  Parkour, Ninja Women and last but by no means least a Walrus Doing Sit-Ups. It’s true, it is all about finding the right exercise program! Really!

Forget what you think you know about Irish Dancing (Michael Flatley and curly-haired wigs), and check the Irish Dance stylings of Up & Over It. World class Irish Dancers Suzanne Cleary and Peter Harding put an electro-pop spin on classic moves and do it all from the comfort of chairs because the entire routine is performed using just their hands and a table.

This was just such a cool video. Such intense, casual talent.

This is  Parkour it amazes teens and strikes terror to mothers hearts!

Ninja Women…..

If a walrus can do it–so can we!

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6 thoughts on “Odd but Cool Video’s!

  1. Where do you find this amazing videos? All of them unique and interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you–Really, most of the credit goes to the friends who forward me things, pass things on, Cole and his friends are a great resource-Once people know you enjoy and don’t mind forwards they love to share ) and for the most part I love it when they do…)

  2. You are so thoughtful. You are at the movies but you took time to amuse us. Thank you. You are truely remarkable. 8)

  3. Love the first video–I watched it several times–marveling each time about at both the choreography and the talent!


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