Pit Proud:The History Of The Pit Bull

Another great video from  Dog Files, Kenn Bell. Pit Proud, will educate you, soften your heart, and open your mind. It will help you understand why breed bans are never the answer.

Blame the deed not the breed; promote responsible dog ownership and punish irresponsible dog ownership. Most importantly spend time, energy and money educating dog owners.

Although there is a disclaimer at the beginning of the video, I want to reassure everyone that if it was a violent video where dogs or any animal had been harmed, I would not have viewed it.  Pit Proud focuses on the history of the Pit Bull, and the families that love them.

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Update: Just to clarify my opinion (oddly enough I was asked)-No one breed of dog is  right for everyone. Not all dogs can be rescued. Breeding matters a great deal. The point as I see it–although the video does say much more–is that no breed of dog should be targeted for a breed ban. By the same token, finding a breed of dogs that fits your lifestyle is extremely important.

Camp-Run-A-Pup : Maggie, the kind of “bully” we love!

A little about this video from  Kenn Bell, Dog Files Creator

“I’ve been working on Pit Proud: The History Of The Pit Bull for well over a year. But I believe that every second that went into it was worth it, because I knew then and I know now that Pit Proud is the single, most important Dog Files Episode yet.

It’s the story of what I believe to be, the most maligned and abused animal on Planet Earth.

The Pit Bull.”

A dog that the media has made out to be the “great white shark” of the land. A monster waiting to jump out of the shadows and attack your children.

But you know what I’ve found out over the course of researching, writing and crafting this episode?

Pit Bulls… are just dogs. No more, no less.”

5 thoughts on “Pit Proud:The History Of The Pit Bull

    • Thanks Cynthia. Loved the link. I just need to clarify that breeding does make a difference. A big difference. However, banning breeds does not address responsibility or breeding and if we allow one breed to be banned our troubles have only just begun….

  1. Just a couple of days ago a little girl of 4 got attacked and it was a pitt bull. What the story didnt say is who was watching the little one and was the dog running around unattended. I think that we are scared of them. I know I am if they are the leader of a pack of dogs. But I dont want them to be extinct. I just want the people who have them to be more vigalant about where they are and what they are doing. I also would love for people to supervise 🙁 kids alot more to.

  2. What a wonderful video. I loved the one on one with the pit bull owners.
    A pit bull would not be the right dog for me but I appreciate there strength and beauty and would never want them treated unkindly or banned.
    Thank you for sharing!

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