Emergency! Where is the TAPE!

Emergency! Where is the TAPE!

We all know we need to prepare an emergency kit; a working flashlight, candles, matches, and a few extra batteries for the times when the weatherman is actually right and a blizzard really does hit.

However, much more useful to me are the emergency kits I have prepared for real-life, 100%-certain-to-happen emergencies. For example, I can predict with 100% certainty that the scotch tape will be missing when I need it most.

Emergency scotch tape: This tape resides in a top-secret hiding place. We handle all normal tape needs with the tape in the end drawer. Missing tape under usual circumstance is not an emergency. Emergency examples include needing tape to wrap a birthday presents 10 minutes before I leave the house, or midnight Christmas Eve gift wrapping.

Emergency bathroom towel: This towel hangs on the towel rack, separate from the other towels. If every towel is in the wash (not including towels left on bedroom floors), we can use the emergency towel. Whoever uses it must hang it on the bathroom door and it becomes the user’s towel for the next week. That person must replace the emergency towel immediately.

Emergency toilet paper: I keep a six-pack of Charmin extra soft bathroom tissue with my emergency supplies. We can use it only when guests are due to arrive and I’m down to the last roll of toilet paper in both bathrooms. If we run out under usual circumstance, paper towel will work until I can make it to the store.

Emergency small bottle of Coke (or drink of your choice): I use my bottle of Coke only in the case of a dire Coke emergency. The only one authorized to drink it in our house is me. In the case of any emergency, it is very important to have your favorite beverage available and close at hand.

Emergency toothpaste: Cole once took his own money and walked to Walgreens to buy toothpaste because I kept insisting that some was left in the tube. He knew I had kept forgetting to buy a new tube. He now insists that we keep an emergency tube of toothpaste on hand at all times.

Emergency printer ink: Do I need to explain this one, or have you made the trip to the 24-hour Kinko’s at 11pm to buy ink (if it’s in stock) or print the paper that is due the following day?

Mini-marshmallows and instant hot chocolate mix: If a blizzard does hit, the thing you are most likely to miss is hot chocolate. You might not have milk, so the best type to keep on hand can be made with hot water. Hide your hot chocolate stash, write down your hiding place in code on a piece of paper, and put it in a special spot.

Batteries: These are not for the flashlight in your other emergency kit, they’re for when you can’t find the ones you bought for kid’s birthday presents or Christmas presents. You cannot own too many different kinds of batteries. Put them into a shoebox (labeled “shoes”) and hide them under your bed.

Duct tape: Put a roll of duct tape with your top-secret scotch tape stash. When your kid informs you at 9pm the night before a school camping trip that the shoes he was planning to take have a hole in them, you will thank me. Duct tape can solve most problems.

Dog food: I plan for business emergencies by collecting different kinds of dog food in small bags. Just the other day, a camper showed up without dog food. When I questioned the dog’s owner, he replied, “Oh, I did not know I was supposed to bring food. I fed her this morning.” Okay; but during a week’s stay, I am sure she is going to want to eat again.

In the event of a real emergency, we might starve if the Peapod truck could not make it to my door; but I still would be able to wrap presents and serve hot chocolate the right way.

What do you keep in your “real” emergency kit? This would be a good place to start….

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14 thoughts on “Emergency! Where is the TAPE!

  1. Oh I love this! I have emergency everything. Food, water, toilet paper, extra toilet seat,paper towel, dog food, clothing stashes, batteries, candles, I even have emergency chocolate as well. The only problem with the emergency chocolate, is I know I will eat it…so I hide it….and forget where I put it….I usually find it at an inopportune moment.
    Don’t forget the emergency sticky notes, for emergency lists…..

    • extra tollet seat? I keep saying this but its so true my mom would just love you. Sticky notes–YES!! Finding chocolate anytime is a nice surprise!

      Thanks for being Odd with us!

  2. The towel idea is brilliant. I have a pair of scissors stashed with my tape in a special hidden spot.

    Happy Holidays!

    • Scissors. Thanks for reminding me, I need to touch base with my now that the gift wrapping season is here. I wonder if it will be sticky or just dull as a dishwasher this year?

      Nice to see you Lori!

  3. My mom always insisted I keep to cans of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup on hand, when I move away from home. I lived in apartments so stocking up was not an option. Those cans of soup came in very handy. Even now, that I have a large pantry and a wonderful women who does most of my shopping, I find myself checking the pantry every so often—just to make sure we have at least two cans of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle.


    • My mother would like your mother, Clark. Chicken Noodle Soup by Campbells..it just says feel better, sorry you had a hard day, I save you from starving speedy quick.

      I plan to hand the 2 can tradition down to Cole and none of the fancy so called better for you soup…Campbells.

      Thanks for being Odd with us today!

  4. You don’t but t.p. in bulk? I have never heard of such a thing. I have enough to leave a trail to the moon and back.
    This is odd but I hide a matching pair of socks. My kids are forever stealing my socks and losing one. On the occasional times that I get to go somewhere, where it might matter its nice to have one pair of socks that match. Actually, I hide two-a navy pair and a black pair. 👿

    Remember, more is always better when it comes to t.p.

    • No. I do not buy anything in bulk. I am not a bulk person. However, I can see the value in not asking your guests to use paper towel…so I have an emergency pack of t.p.
      Now, the sock idea is a great one. Cole does not steal my socks but my campers do! Great idea.

  5. You are spot on about the batteries. I have a stash of batteries but never seem to have the ones we need. I am buying my own secret supply.
    I keep emergency pens. I can never find one when I need it, I think my kids sell them to the neighbors. I put away several packages and horde them.

    Great post!

  6. Duct tape–love my rolls of duct tape in every color they make it in. I have a hidden tool box that contains: a screw driver-one of those that works for every type of screw, small hammer, and measuring tape. My toolbox is an old purse. I won’t let anyone else use it. My husband has his tools, he can walk out to the garage and find them. I always put my tools away and can always find them. My husband searches while I smile smugly. Of-course if its my project he is working on I might share. . . 😀

  7. Mittens. I buy them at the dollar store in every color; they are stretchy and one size fits all. I keep a few in the glove box of my care. They have come in so handy for my kittens who always seem to lose there mittens.

    Have a cheery day! 😀

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