My Uggs are Amuck

My Ugg boots are amuck. I know you are dying to hear the whole story, but first say “hi” to Clementine (we call her Clem).

Clem arrived at camp this very morning. Clem has been camping with us since she was just a wee pup; we love Clem

Clem has a look most mothers would die for. We call it her “I’m not kidding” look.

Of course she also has an adorable look. All together, now: “Awww!”

Wait….I have another side story for you about shoes. Bare with me, we will get to the Ugg story eventually. Joe never understood the trend of making people take off their shoes when they entered a house. Yes, of-course if you lived in Japan or China you would remove your shoes but we don’t, we live in Chicago. Joe would take off his winter boots and replace them with his regular shoes. No he did not want a pair of the cute little socks that the hostess might or might not have on hand.  He wore his shoes. Our host would ask us if we would like to remove our shoes, Joe would say, “No thank you.” and move along. If the host followed him with socks, he would take the socks, thank them and put them in his pocket or hand them to me and asked me to put them in my purse, as I politely padded along beside him in my sock covered feet wondering what I was thinking when I married my rude spouse.   I love to free my feet from the confines of shoes or boots at the first hint of opportunity.

Ok. Ok. back to the Ugg story. Because I remove my shoes and boots as soon as I can, it is not unusually for me not to be able to find two boots that match.  Yes, I take them off together but they  are carried astray by a Golden Retervier, or one might be push under the couch when my pups stampede on there way to a meal. The possibilities are endless. When Clems mom called (you remember Clem right? look up at her picture if you need a refresher) and I looked for my Uggs-this is all I could find.

I raced out to collect Clem and was grateful that her mom knew that I only indulge in small bottles of Coke (6 oz, icy cold ) . Clem, however, gave me a knowing look,  she knows that at Camp-Run-A-Pup, we often love to run amuck with or without our Uggs!

What do you think of the custom of removing your shoes, when you go visiting? And don’t you think Joe (my dearly departed) was very rude!

Wait–as always  Joe is bugging me to type his comment.

“It was NOT rude when I did not remove my shoes.  I was looking out for my fellow guests safety. In case disaster stuck I would have been prepared to save lives, while the rest of you put on your shoes. Think about it.”

What a guy, always looking out for his fellow guest!

Glad you were in my Odd neighborhood. Feel free to drop by any time. I would love to hear from you in the comment section of this blog, or on Facebook or Twitter!

★~♥~♥~★~  ♥~★~★~♥ ~ Katybeth

12 thoughts on “My Uggs are Amuck

  1. I am with you on this one, Kb. And if Joe had ever come to my house, I would have given him the “I’m not kidding!” look and insisted that he remove his shoes. I am a fanatic about not dragging the outside stuff into the house with you on the bottom of your shoes–pesticides/heavy metals/dog poop–leave it outside, please.

    • Gosh a stare down–glad it never came down to that…because he never took his shoes off for anyone. Which is why I never planned a family trip to Japan :-D. I know a lot of men like this–my dad, Joe’s dad, Cole’s uncle’s. . .wonder why they are so protective of their shoes.

  2. I couldn’t have been that bold to say no especially if they had socks in hand. I only take my shoes off at home. But I really don’t have anyone that makes you take your shoes off. It’s a little embarrassing to take them off. Not only holey socks but what if your feet are all sweaty? Then you have sweaty, sticky socks on their nice clean carpet. Put a nice stiff rug at the door and ask us to wipe our feet. Should be enough to keep the nasties out. 😉 By the way, I am not saying my feet smells or that I know anyone else with smelly feet. Just saying…. All good here. 😀

    • All good points Kathy. Especially the smelly feet part. It might be more of a Northern thing–I don’t know anyone in New Mexico that invites you to their home and then requests you take off your shoes.

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  4. I don’t mind taking shoes off, but I would like a heads-up so I can make sure my toes are nicely pedicured in the event there are no socks or slippers:) P.S. Clem is way cute! Hugs, Diane

  5. Loved the story about Joe…taking your shoes off at the door is pretty much a tradition here in Canada as well (probably has a lot to do with our winter weather).

    Clem reminds me of our dog, Pixie (except she was all black)…she was our chihuahua/terrier mix that we got when I was 14 (she was pregnant with four puppies at the time)…my mom had her for about 12 years. We loved her, but she didn’t like people coming to our house!


  6. I don’t think Joe was rude. I think the people who ask you to remove your shoes are rude. I know, I know, “Shoes are dirty” and people are trying to protect their little angels from germs and dirt. Here’s an idea: Vacuum! Clean your house! Teach your children to wash their hands. And is your children are too small to wash their own hands, remember, they have to eat a pound of dirt before they die (or so I was told when I was little). If you don’t want people wearing shoes in your house stop inviting people over!

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