Have A Bubble Bath!

Happy National Bubble Bath Day!

Do you enjoy bubble baths? I do, especially if I am eating a piece of leftover party cake.  Eating cake while taking a bubble bath is one of my very favorite indulgences. Joe thought this was odd. If you just want to fill the tub with bubbles and light a few candles, I’m ok with that…

Or if bubble baths are not “your cuppa” (as Antoinette, my saucy Aussie Facebook friend might say!), then just pour a glass of grown-up champaign and enjoy indulging in bubbles of a different kind.

Whatever or however you decide to celebrate National Bubble Bath Day, don’t forget your rubber ducky!

What is your favorite bath or shower product? You know, the one that just make you feel  un poco de algo especial–a little extra special!  I know, Aussie and Spanish in the same post…I’m on the cutting edge of international!

Glad you were in my Odd neighborhood. Feel free to drop by any time. I would love to hear from you in the comment section of this blog, or on Facebook or Twitter!


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17 thoughts on “Have A Bubble Bath!

  1. Happy Bubble Bath Day!

    I feel very simple but I have loved Calgon Take Me Away bubble bath for years. My husband always buys me the biggest size for my birthday and Christmas. Its kind of a joke. I know there are better products for my skin, but Calgon bubble bath soothes my soul.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. The girl in the picture reminds me of you, Katybeth–except you would be munching on cake of-course.
    I love Mary Kay bath products. A friend sells them and sample’s me often…I am blessed. I don’t often take baths but always feel good when I do….especially if its a great big tub and I am on vacation.

  3. Happy Bubble Bath day! Who knew!!
    I am going to add it to my Holiday calendar. I really like Young Living (essential oils) Lavender Bath and Shower Gel. It smells great and produces nice bubbles or you can just put it on your bath sponge.

    As always–thanks for sharing something fun and new with me.

  4. My daughter gave me a Lush Bubble Bar for Christmas and I really like it. I love the scent and it seems to soften my skin. I read when I take bubble baths but a piece of cake would certainly add to my BB experience!


  5. Now where oh where did I put my rubber ducky? Is it wrong that I know all the words to the Rubber Duckie song years after my children are grown?
    I don’t take many bubble baths but a friend gave me some Avon bubble bath-it has a vanilla scent and I have really enjoyed it. My skin feels great after a soak.

    Off to find my Ducky and wish her a very Happy Bubble Bath day. I see a bubble bath in our future.


    • Did you find your Ducky??? I do hope you and your Ducky enjoyed a nice BB! And no I don’t find it odd that you know all the words to the Rubber Duckie song. Of-course I might not be the best person to ask!

  6. Bubble baths have always looked like a lot of fun. I usually shower and get it over with. When my last child leaves home, maybe I’ll become a fan of bubbles bath. Maybe I’ll light some candles, start the music and relax till the water gets cold. 💡 Just maybe…….

  7. Love it! We aussies in Victoria haven’t been able to indulge very often in bubble baths due to our drought conditions and water restrictions, but I always loved the ‘Body shop’ collection of bath and shower gels, the bath bombs are lovely too, but more fizzy than bubbly. When we first moved into our second and current home, I used to love soaking in our spa bath with a cuppa by my side, oh, and the portable TV was dragged in and set on the vanity bench. Ah, bliss!

    • All you need is a piece of cake! Sounds wonderful. The body shop has great stuff. I just bought a a few Body Shop Groupons and I plan on using them for some bath products in the very near future!

    • Reading is good….but cake is the icing on the bubble bath. That really doesn’t work, does it? Well, you get my general idea, right?
      Be sure to add BB day to your calendar!

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