Vacation Food Pantry

Vacation Food Pantry Contribution

A client dropped off their pups at camp this morning and gave Cole and me a bag of fresh, beautiful produce. The clients did not want to pitch the fresh food, and did not want to leave it behind to spoil during their vacation.  As I took the items out of the bag, I said “EUREKA! I will gather, not forage!”

I dislike everything about grocery shopping except the candy at the check-out lanes and the lady at the deli who always offers me cheese and ham. The grocery store is very stressful. I once took off my shoe and bashed the self-service check out machine when it accused me of not bagging an item for the 3rd time. I told Cole I would, and I believe in keeping my word, so I bashed it hard, put my shoe back on, and continued to check out without incidence.

My clients leave their pups with me while they travel for vacation or business, usually for at least a week. Food spoils. Who wants to come home to a stinky fridge? This is where we can help. Starting immediately, clients can drop off their pups and the contents of their fridge. We can help make use of half-used cartons of milk and OJ, loaves of bread, open bags of chips and cookies, left-overs that are just a day or two old, or cheese that could go moldy. Some people worry about things like this. We all know fruit goes bad in just a day or two. Say goodbye to mushy, black bananas. Will you really make that banana bread?

The vacation food pantry will cut down on the amount of time I have to spend at the grocery store. It may be possible to decrease my shopping even more if tell party invitees to bring toilet paper, paper towels or cleaning supplies when they ask the inevitable question, “What can I bring?”

My idea is thrifty and green. It might even qualify as recycling, don’t you think? We are not picky eaters, and my clients are far better shoppers than I am. Today’s contribution of a bag of produce included organic spinach, beautiful green onions, squash, tomatoes, and a red juicy apple.

I only wish I had thought to offer this service to my clients sooner! I would like to apologize for not being more considerate in the past, causing vacation angst to clients and friends when they had to pitch good food, or worse … come home to yucky smells.

Tell me. I’m dying to know….how do you feel about grocery shopping?

Glad you were in my Odd neighborhood. Feel free to drop by any time. I would love to hear from you in the comment section of this blog, or on Facebook or Twitter!


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16 thoughts on “Vacation Food Pantry

  1. Hey, maybe you could keep their housekeepers busy while they were gone…I mean no reason to let a good housekeep languish and if she cooks, you have it made.

    You make me smile with your crazy ideas! 😀

  2. Oh this is a great idea. I love it. Everyone wins. If you feel like you are over stocked can I drop by for a visit? 😀

  3. Let me try and understand–you are now offering a service to your clients and friends that will allow you to dine on their left-over fridge food while they vacation.

    Brilliant. 😉

  4. I LOVE this idea!! Especially since we had to throw out the remains of a fabulous Xmas dinner before dropping off our dogs!!
    On grocery shopping…I love to grocery shop, being the crazy foodie that I am, as to me, it’s like a blank canvas which I am buying paints for to make a masterpiece. Sick? Probably, but I relish going to the store and thinking of all the possibilities that are there. Really sick, right?

    • You threw out your fabulous Xmas dinner?! I might have to pinch Tanner 👿 Not really, its my fault–I should have thought of this earlier. You are a cooking artist! We frequently enjoy your chicken recipe!

      Campers are happy! Chelsea is now dining on a little hamburger mixed into her food–Naturally Tanner and Maggie enjoy a spoonful as well. 😀

  5. I actually love to grocery shop, only I have a few prerequisites: 1) It must be in a kid-free environment, especially mine. 2) The preferred environment is Whole Foods. 3) An unlimited budget. 4) Caramel latte in hand while I shop.

    Now that’s heaven!

    • NO KIDS???? I have always loved taking Cole–I mean who doesn’t enjoy cart races down the aisles–and Whole foods has those mini-carts! Hard to cart race unless your kid is along! With kid in tow, you have an excuse to open the Kibbler elf cookies before you buy them, fudge a few grapes, and buy candy at the check-out counter. In my opinion kids make grocery shopping bearable. Wondering if Cole could be replaced with a Carmel latter, tho–now that he is older–he is not as much fun.

  6. I love grocery shopping too (as long as the kids aren’t with us!). It’s guilt-free…you’re feeding your family! Not the same as buying yourself a new pair of earrings at all! I also love to cook, bake and eat!

    Love your idea…very green!


    • Wendy. Wendy. I never ever have earring guilt. I would spend our produce money on new shoes in a heart beat. Read above for my opinion on kids and grocery shopping–IMO, kids make grocery shopping bearable. I love to eat especially when other people like to shop, cook, bake and invite me over! BTW….when is the next time you will be making pies?

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