My Higher Self…

My Higher Self

I just ordered Chinese food. Cole fixed himself a plate and promptly dropped it. He swore and was furious – a tired, worn-out teen. I took a deep breath, ignored the curse, and showed him how easily and quickly it could all be cleaned up. My motto: If it’s not grape juice on white, it’s not a big deal.

For the last two weeks, camp has been tail-wagging busy. Campers checking in and out, families to meet and greet, phone calls to answer, and deer antlers to ship. It’s good to be busy. Our mortgage, health insurance, and high school tuition depend on our getting it done.

We got it done. We are slowing down. We are wrapping up, and we are tired.

When I tried to set my three guiding words for 2011 — the words that will help me focus my energy and light the lamp posts for my 2011 journey — all I could come up with were phrases that went something like this: No, I don’t want to, You can’t make me, You’re not the boss of me, and Don’t go. I tried to call forth my Higher Self and received her voice mail message.

“Hi. This is your Higher Self. I am unavailable to take your call right now. If you are calling to inquire about your three words for the New Year, we are currently out of stock. While you wait for your order to be filled, consider a good night’s sleep, tidying your house, and having your nails done. Oh, and your teeth need flossing. Please leave a message, if you must. I will return it when it’s convenient for me.”

My Higher Self has an attitude. She is probably at a convention for Higher Selves; a convention where they trash lower selves that dine non-stop on take-out, spend too much time pontificating on Facebook, don’t drink enough water, won’t even consider a New Year’s cleanse, and forget to floss.

I left my Higher Self a message:

“Fine. Who needs you, anyway? I don’t have to race into 2011. I have the whole month of January to set my course. I can slow down, smell the snow, floss my teeth, and take some time to imagine myself in 2011. I am going to write about you and your attitude on Odd. So there!! You are not the boss of me!! Goodbye … forever!”


Slow. Write. Imagine.

What wonderful words! My three guiding words are born!! Big group hug.

Is that my Higher Self I hear giggling with your Higher Self?

So, wassup for you this New Year?

Glad you were in my Odd neighborhood. Feel free to drop by any time. I would love to hear from you in the comment section of this blog, or on Facebook or Twitter!


16 thoughts on “My Higher Self…

  1. Thank you Katybeth–I was afraid I would be the only person out there with No No No as my three words. I love the concept but my lower-self just wants to nap and recover and maybe take the Christmas tree down. 😀

  2. I called my higher-self on New Year’s Eve and was promptly told to get lost! What is with the attitudes? Anyway, glad you found your guiding words, they sound just wonderful. Hugs, Diane

    • You don’t suppose our higher-self has just given up on us? I mean we aren’t prefect but we do try! Oh, I’m sure they will be around to bug us sooner or later–kind like mom’s they are hard to shake off!

  3. I am so stoned on pain med’s I am not sure who is speaking to me anymore. LOL just kidding. My lower self has not tried or even walked into my living room with a tree filled with ornaments and breakable items. I had a very very bad night filled with pain! I must have a talk with my higher self and order the cleanse so I have it by Jan 9th. 2011. I know this medicine for pain is toxic! Cleansing is the best option for toxins. I agree with your higher self that the cleanse is the way to go. Every Jan for the past five years I join a group of people on a 21 day Daniel Fast. It is a way for me to get spiritually grounded and I will be in sync with my higher self more often. TNX for the darling post.

  4. I’ll seek out my higher self and get back to you. Thanks for starting 2011 with another thought-provoking/self-improvement/yes/no musing. I have told you that you rock?

  5. You make me laugh. I like your saucy higher self. I never make resolutions…probably because my motto is: F*&k It. I think your higher self and my higher self would get along swimmingly. Happy 2011!

    • I think your higher-sef and my higher-self together could land our lower-selves in jail! I don’t make resolutions but I do find the 3 words helpful. Of-course one of my words last year was Focus, and I had to be reminded what my words were by a friend in April. F*&k –could be a good word and it would be hard to forget.

      Giggling with you,

  6. I dont have a higher self. Must have given up on me a long time ago. A friend of mine said that it is okay not to make self improvement resolutions for the new year. That is because most of us mean well and are serious about good changes in our self and lives, but we usually fail. This adds to guilt and bad feelings for us. So she says it is best not to put that pressure on ourselves and just be happy with who we are. Oh did I say she is a preachers wife? She hears alot of stories about saddness, guilt and other topics that I can only imagine. 😀 Love, and happiness to you Katybeth and Cole.

  7. The preacher’s wife sounds like a wise women. I don’t make resolutions….I just pick three words and try to focus on them a little every day. I might slow down and take the time to really listen, write a little more, or imagine a new way to do something. I use my words like an internal GPS–somedays it works and somedays it doesn’t.

    Love and happiness back to you and your family

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